Newbie Giveaway: 787 Reuseable Bag

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by kofucious, Nov 8, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. kofucious

    kofucious Silver Member

    As a newbie to milepoint, I'd like to give this cool looking 787 Reuseable Bag away. Either respond here or tweet me @kofucious #787ReuseableBag.

  2. LizzyDragon84
    • Original Member

    LizzyDragon84 Gold Member

    Welcome to Milepoint, kofucios! What a nice way to introduce yourself. Has anyone claimed the bag yet? And did you fly on a 787 to get it?
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  3. kofucious

    kofucious Silver Member

    No one has claimed it yet. Gonna pick some in a few days.
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  4. Sedosi

    Sedosi Gold Member

    Agreed, great way to make a splash on introduction.

    Welcome to MilePoint, and if nobody takes it I will. (hey, can always use more grocery bags)
  5. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    Welcome to Milepoint. If you have an extra on left, I would love one.

  6. Mikus33

    Mikus33 Silver Member

    Welcome, and if you've got a few, I'd love one. Thanks.
  7. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    Count me in to. I just sent a couple tweets.
  8. aptraveler

    aptraveler Gold Member

    Excellent, welcome to Milepoint and count me in. Thanks
  9. guberif

    guberif Silver Member

    That may be the coolest bag I've ever seen. I'd be ballin' at the g-store with that.
  10. kofucious

    kofucious Silver Member

    I have one that is 787 and one 747 intercontinental . So I will pick a person for each bag. I got this at the Boeing gift store.
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  11. spesalvi

    spesalvi Gold Member

    Welcome to MP, count me in as well pls:)
  12. AUSsie

    AUSsie Silver Member

  13. MissBurrill
    • Original Member

    MissBurrill Gold Member

    I tweeted. I hope you'll post to Oz if I am the lucky winner.
  14. kofucious

    kofucious Silver Member

    Congratulations Sedosi! My finger landed on your name as I scrolled up and down the list of names I wrote down on a piece of paper. Please PM me with your mailing info for the 787 Reuseable Bag. I will choose another person later in the week for the 747 bag.
  15. rodeojones

    rodeojones Silver Member

    I think this is the coolest way I have seen someone introduce themselves to a message board. Hopefully I can win the next one. :)
  16. malikguy

    malikguy Silver Member

    Hello Kofu and welcome! I'm new here as well but I'd like a shot at the bag. :)
  17. Sedosi

    Sedosi Gold Member

    Just a note of thanks on the public thread. Best.introductory.thread.ever.
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  18. Slow_Mustang
    • Original Member

    Slow_Mustang Silver Member


    Welcome to the forum.
    Before my retirement I used to shop quite a bit at the Boeing store. Are they set up for mail orders? Is the second bag spoken for?

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