News: Occupy Oakland protesters may target Oakland Airport

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  1. tom911
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    Wel, might be time to start the clock for their arrival at OAK. After seeing them shut down the Oakland Port, guess they wouldn't have any problem shutting down the roads to the airport, either. Only difference here may be that the Alameda County Sheriff patrols the airport under contract and not Oakland PD. They may not be as tolerant.
  2. javacodeguy

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    Occupy movements are still around? I thought they all blew over months ago.
  3. tom911
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    tom911 Gold Member

    They march in Oakland every Saturday night and cost the city $50,000 in police overtime each week. The City stopped them from putting up tents in front of City Hall. About the only time they get publicity now is when they do these marches.
  4. tondoleo
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    They may have further issues if they enter the OAK property since it could be a violation of federal law.
  5. DeltaExpert
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    Watch out!
  6. ryandc99
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    ryandc99 Gold Member

    This would be entertaining. There is still a tree sitter at Ogawa Plaza
  7. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    If they really want to make an impact, they shouldn't occupy a vacant building- they should occupy one of Romney's 7 or 8 mansions.

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