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Non-metal belts

Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by cockpitvisit, Feb 9, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. cockpitvisit
    • Original Member

    cockpitvisit Gold Member

    Some companies are offering metal-free belts promising a beep-free experience at airports.

    Does anyone have experience with them? Are they as reliable as metal things?
  2. Rich
    • Original Member

    Rich Silver Member

    The belt's composition doesn't matter when the drones require the removal of ALL belts.
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  3. Hartmann
    • Original Member

    Hartmann Gold Member

    And it's not just U.S. drones. I have a non-metal buckle on my belt and never take it off in the States, but Germany is a whole different ball game. I've been yelled at more than once for not removing it. When I try to explain that it isn't metal they tell me to take it off, then clank the pieces together and say "metal, see, 'clank-clank'". :rolleyes:
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  4. Rich
    • Original Member

    Rich Silver Member

    It's mostly the non-US drones, although a disturbing trend is assuming everyone is going to go through the nude-a-scope and demanding removal of belts.

    I like wearing hooded sweatshirts in the winter and those always end in a pat-down cause I'm not wearing anything under it. Also, anything that has to be removed over the head shouldn't be subject to "remove or pat-down" anyway.
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  5. I have 5.11 TDU Belts for airport wear. Nylon & a plastic buckle.
  6. amejr999
    • Original Member

    amejr999 Silver Member

    I opted-out a few weeks ago at JFK and the TSO didn't ask me to remove my belt. And the rules on removing clothes are that bulky items have to be removed/patted down. It sorta makes sense. Kinda.
  7. ArizonaGuy
    • Original Member

    ArizonaGuy Silver Member

    I have a number of travel pants that have non-removable belts. Well, it certainly is removable but I don't travel with the necessary tools to thread the belt back through.
  8. goalie
    • Original Member

    goalie Gold Member

    Yup tho it does depend on the "mood" of the TSO at the WTMD and that of one performing a SSSSecondary screening on you as I get "don't forget to remove your belt" where I respond "it never alarms" and usually that's it. But there have been situations where I have been ordered and yelled at (n.b. ordered and yelled at) to remove my belt and for a 6am flight, it can very noisy at the checkpoint when I pull a drill sergeant attitude on the TSO [​IMG].

    Now it doesn't have to be the x-raying of belts but it can also apply to....wait for it......are you ready......HANDKERCHIEFS [​IMG].

    Went thru and was given a full enhanced patdown where the TSO found my comb and folded handkerchief in my back pant's pocket. I was very rudely and loudly told that I should have removed and now it would have to be x-rayed. X-ray a folded up handkerchief where all one has to do is unfold it and look at it. Makes you feel about as secure as a TSO using a HHMD on bare skin
  9. TheMadBrewer
    • Original Member

    TheMadBrewer Silver Member

    I have the Eagle Creek money belt with a plastic buckle and I haven't had to take it off in an airport since 2002, either in the US or Europe. When asked I smile and say "no metal, all plastic" and I usually get waved thru, though sometimes with "if you want to risk it..."

    The case in 2002 almost got me in trouble. I was being gate checked at DTW when the Checker had me remove my belt and said "Hands in the air..." He was getting quite irate with me as I kept dropping one hand to hold the pants. Around that time somebody was arrested for mooning a checker -- I fully understood why!
  10. TheMadBrewer
    • Original Member

    TheMadBrewer Silver Member

    I bought a bunch of 5.11 uniform shirts on closeout ( for $5! ) from them and they make great travel shirts. Since bought some tactical shirts and T-Shirts as well. Great products, highly recommended.
  11. In most cases, Aluminum and Brass do not beep.
    But now with the age of the TSA RADAR Range, I go SANS belt
  12. When you say "reliable", are you asking all that these people answered, or merely if they stay on satisfactorily???? [​IMG]
  13. TRHiker

    TRHiker Silver Member

    I've had very similar experiences with the same and another very similar belt but without a money pouch. The pre-Xray screener may ask about a belt, but my responses have been to the effect of "it's basically a camping belt, just nylon and plastic" and usually nothing else is said. Most of my recent trips have been to Germany, and I don't recall having to remove it during those either.
  14. goalie
    • Original Member

    goalie Gold Member

    Correct :mad: but I do not remove my leather belt with a brass buckle (2"x2" in the shape of a lion) at 99.9% of the U.S. airports I fly in/out of as it never alarms* Sometimes I am asked to remove it and sometimes I'm not but if I am asked, I simply tell the TSO at the WTMD that it and I never alarm and let it play out based on their reaction. Now n.b.-I do not remove my orthopedic shoes so I always get a secondary screening on my shoes which may/may not include the enhanced patdown and with the enhanced patdown, I am sometimes asked to remove the belt so it can be run thru the x-ray machine and at that point, I comply. For the .01% of U.S. airports where I do remove my belt, it is simply because I have had "issues" in the past with TSO's at that airport being richards. For my international travels, I simply ask if my belt needs to be removed or not and comply without hesitation as since I am a U.S. citizen, I know my rights are different/non-existent and I wouldn't want to cause an international incident ;).

    *based on the size of my belt buckle, I am convinced brass does not alarm ;)
  15. N965VJ
    • Original Member

    N965VJ Silver Member

    A few months back, a screener said "even a piece of rope used as a belt has to come off". Who do I look like, Jethro? :confused: Now my belt is in my rollaboard before I get to the TDCer. I really hate futzing around at the CP and spending more time than I need to.
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  16. Chimpy
    • Original Member

    Chimpy Gold Member

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