O’Leary: Passengers who forget boarding passes are ‘idiots’

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    Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary is known for his antics. Some of the things he says are just mad, along with some of the ideas he gets for making more and saving more at the company. Well now he’s calling passengers ‘idiots’ for forgetting to print off their boarding passes before arriving at the airport. Ryanair passengers are required to check in online and print their boarding cards up to 14 days ahead of time.

    O’Leary’s angry rant follows mother-of-two Suzy McLeod taking to Facebook to complain about paying £236 in fees for her family’s return flight home from holiday, as their boarding passes hadn’t been printed out before they arrived at the airport. However, McLeod and family were on holiday for 15 days and couldn’t print out their boarding passes before they left home.

    To top that off, the Spanish villa they stayed at didn’t have internet access, so they couldn’t be printed off there either. The mother saved the boarding pass details on her mobile instead, but Ryanair’s check-in staff said it didn’t count. This left her with no other option but to pay the fee for the staff to print out the passes for her and her family.

    Read More: http://news.carrentals.co.uk/oleary-passengers-who-forget-boarding-passes-are-idiots-34263457.html
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    What was the original cost of the tickets?
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    Forget that - I want to have the gold plated paper the boarding passes were eventually printed on! :eek:
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    Is this response anything out of the ordinary for this guy? No, don't like it don't fly them.

    And I can certainly say I will never fly RyanAir. :)
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  5. LarryInNYC

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    I agree with O'Leary. Anyone who shows up for a Ryanair flight without their boarding pass is an idiot. Not because of the boarding pass. Because they're flying Ryanair.
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    Well, the cheapest roundtrip flight that I found on Ryanair between Bristol, England and Alicante, Spain is US$108 including their admin fee but not including any baggage fees. There's a reason that people fly Ryanair, and there's a reason that Ryanair charges high fees.
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    Well said!
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    O'Leary is a strange type of salesman. I think he deliberately says outrageous and offensive things just to get press coverage- the concept that any press is good press.
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    No, they are smart. Because they will be able to come to their senses and fly another airline!
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    IMO Ryanair is the lowest of the LC carriers when it comes to flying (and O'Leary is an A**), but that is what people want! The problem is when people demand service, but are only unwilling to pay for it. This woman was obviously looking for the cheapest ticket (don't we all) and then whinges about the T&C's. THAT is the problem. If people stop flying Ryanair then you'd quickly see a change of heart from Mr. O'Leary. He gets away with it because people do the cost/benefit and want cheap fares. Also see Allegiant, Spirit etc..
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