Official Mini-DO IAH Feb 23

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  1. JC1120

    JC1120 Silver Member

    FFG is pleased to announce that the next official Mini-DO / FFG Charity Event will be held on Feb 23 in Houston! For those of you unfamiliar with these events, a mini-DO is a gathering of FT/MP members. UA representatives may be present but is not guaranteed. FFG will work to have some interesting items available for auction, benefiting United WeCare, an employee charity.

    Jasper's (9595 Six Pines Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380)
    11:30am to 2:00pm on Saturday Feb 23
    $50 prepaid (

    What you'll get:
    Appetizers for the table
    3 course menu, with your choice of appetizer (2 options), entree (3 options), and dessert (2 options)
    Access to the Charity Auction

    For those of you that have never heard of Jasper's, the executive chef is Kent Rathbun, who's cooked for George W. Bush (Inaugural Ball), Jacques Pepin, Queen Elizabeth, and Oprah Winfrey. The Woodlands is a planned community about 30 min north of downtown Houston, and is fairly close to IAH airport. Event will be limited to the first 15 people who sign-up and pay, with any additional interest placed onto a waitlist.
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  2. JC1120

    JC1120 Silver Member

    PAID (7 FT / 8 MP)
    DIG/R_1K (MP)
    Mackieman +1 (MP)
    hartmann (MP)
    ND Sol (FT)
    Anglo Large Clawed Otter +1 (MP)
    woofly (FT)
    DuhWane +1 (FT)
    theblakefish (FT)
    ParanoiaTX (MP)
    mommypoints (MP)
    Motorskills +1 (FT)
  3. OnTehWings
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    OnTehWings Gold Member

    If I am able to make it down for the weekend please put me down as interested but tentative.
  4. Mackieman
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    Mackieman Gold Member

    Interested as usual. :)
  5. scott6067
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    scott6067 Silver Member

    I will try to make it!
  6. IDGflygirl
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    IDGflygirl Gold Member

    +1! I am interested!
  7. sfogate
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    sfogate Gold Member

    I'm interested.
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  8. Anglo Large Clawed Otter
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    Anglo Large Clawed Otter Gold Member

    I will attend under duress. I'd like to make a suggestion that all future IAH DOs be held in PDX, SAN, YYJ, or somewhere else that doesn't suck.
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  9. davef139

    davef139 Gold Member

    Hmm with a MSN<>IAH $99OW i think im in!
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  10. ella
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    ella Silver Member

    I'm a definite maybe. Not sure about that date yet.
  11. bonnerbl
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    bonnerbl Gold Member

    Good excuse to fly the 787. Put me down as tentative.
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  12. Steve GadFly
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    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    Fixed it for ya! :D
  13. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed Gold Member

    I can likely make this!
  14. Olton Hall
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    Olton Hall Gold Member

    Interested too.
  15. theBOAT
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    theBOAT Silver Member

  16. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Interested, especially if I can get there more cheaply.
  17. JC1120

    JC1120 Silver Member

    We've got 16 people listed as interested so far. I'll update with more details right after the holidays.
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  18. sithlord
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    sithlord Silver Member

  19. carsonheim
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    carsonheim Gold Member

    Interested! Have enjoyed these quite a bit in the past :)
  20. Misplaced Texan
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    Misplaced Texan Gold Member

    I'll be in the area that weekend so please add me to the interested list.

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  21. sfogate
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    sfogate Gold Member

    We need to go back to Trudy's to finish our drinks.
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  22. Hartmann
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    Hartmann Gold Member

    I am highly likely.
  23. fozz
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    fozz Silver Member

    I'm definitely interested.
  24. Weatherboy

    Weatherboy Gold Member

    Put me down as Interested
  25. rggale
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    rggale Gold Member


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