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  1. dcpatti
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    Actually I'm not even sure if they're proper "machines" or just tools! But the DCA US club still uses those old-timey manual imprint credit card machines. I don't usually buy drinks at the clubs except at DCA--- usually if I've got club time on the way home, I know I'll be driving so I stick to water/coffee in the club and limit drinking on the plane-- just wanted to see if they use these old dinosaurs everywhere or if DCA just has one because it's close to the Smithsonian.
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  2. viguera
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    Surely you don't mean the old-school imprinters with the carbon copy and all that?

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  3. DeacFlyer1
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    I thought taxicabs were the only things in the US that still use those things with regularity.
  4. dcpatti
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    dcpatti Silver Member

    Yes that is exactly what they us at the US club in DCA. And it wasn't just an "off" day when the normal machine was broken; I actually noticed that about 4 visits ago, so it's been there for months. Maybe the normal card reader machine has been broken for months?

    I had a cabbie once put my card on the roof of the taxi, cover it with the carbon slip, and rub a pen barrell back and forth across it furiously to make the imprint. I guess San Francisco takes "going green" to the extreme :D

    Anyway--- any dinosaur machines in any other clubs?
  5. 744
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    I saw something like that in a history book about 20 years ago.
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  6. Scottrick
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    I've seen these in stores like Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, etc. for times when the CC system goes down or they need a special record (e.g., pay at A during a sale, pick up at B on a later date because A doesn't have the right size). Have you seen them used often at DCA, or was it a one time thing?
  7. DenverBrian
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    DenverBrian Silver Member

    I remember them at CompUSA and always found it odd that a store selling the hottest new technology would ring up your purchase with these dinosaurs.
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  8. dcpatti
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    dcpatti Silver Member

    Seen them on my last 4 or 5 visits to the club, didn't notice before but don't always buy a drink to use a card.
  9. Bay Pisco Shark
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    A lot of lounges that take Priority Pass run the PP card through one of those.
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  10. lili
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    1-800-MATTRESS delivered a mattress from Los Angeles to San Diego then took out a piece of paper and No. 2 pencil and proceeded to make a rubbing of my credit card. California is either very green or very behind the times.

    On topic, I haven't seen one of those slider machines anywhere for years.
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  11. violist
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    Last place I saw an imprint machine was at Gallagher's in EWR last year.
  12. My dad collects everything that is connected with credit cards and he has one of these, too. Yea I know my dad is a freak x)
  13. sobore
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    Some day someone will invent a magnetic strip so the card can be read, and we can get rid of these machines. :p
  14. Dreamworks

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    I haven't seen those in other clubs. But I'm always nervous about getting a drink at the US Club, granted I'm usually there in the mornings, but I don't think the woman working there actually knows how to make any cocktails.

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