Passengers urged to fart

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  1. sobore
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    A group of medical specialists has provided an answer to a dilemma that has faced flyers since the Wright brothers took to the air in 1903 -- is it okay to fart mid-flight?

    The experts' recommendation is an emphatic yes to airline passengers -- but a warning to cockpit crews that breaking wind could distract the pilot and pose a safety risk.

    The study concluded that anecdotal evidence that flying increases flatulence is not hot air, finding that changes in air pressure at altitude result in the gut producing more gas.

    When Danish gastroenterologist Jacob Rosenberg encountered the malodorous problem first-hand on a flight from Copenhagen to Tokyo, he enlisted some of the finest minds in his field to address the issue.

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  2. uggboy
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    Good to know, ready to go! :D
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  3. sobore
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    I don't need to be urged! :D
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  4. milchap
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    And the oxygen masks dropped from the panel..... :eek:
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  5. skyvan

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    I preapologize to all those sitting in Row 2 on my flights.
  6. sobore
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    Just blame it on the lady seated next to you. :oops:
  7. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    Are you supposed to stay in your seat, or walk down the aisle carpet bombing?

    I suspect walking is healthier, because if you're sitting the colonic compression in a pressurized atmosphere could cause dangerous side effects.
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  8. Mapsmith
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    Nah. Just make sure the person next to you has their carry-on dog under the seat.
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  9. uggboy
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  10. bez7
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    Did they survey current flyers to see numbers already farting?
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  11. autolycus

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    Why would they? It's obvious that nobody was farting on planes before this study, hence the need for such a study. Surely you don't think that people are incapable of being polite and holding their gas, even on flights that are 16+ hours?!
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  12. bez7
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    Things will really start to loosen up once people dress more casually on flights, sweat pants and shorts tend to lead to hooligan behavior!
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  13. William JLP

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  14. canucklehead
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    Ugh, well if so, please consider charcoal laced underwear.
    "Moreover active charcoal may be used in trousers and blankets to emphasise this effect."

    The man seated across the aisle on my last flight was tootin' up a storm :eek: and it was nasty [​IMG]!

    and of course, there is the classic line from Jack Nicholson - never trust a fart! :p
    (caution - video may disturb and offend)
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  15. Deal2020

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    I only do it in the washroom so I have to go there more often:D
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  16. William JLP

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    I'm not sure if it is good or bad, but my 13 year old daughter has said "never trust a fart" more than a few times lately. She certainly didn't get it from me.
  17. sobore
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    I really feel the airlines have themselves to blame. Can anyone honestly say their rear turret wasn’t fully loaded after an airline omelet? ........didn't think so...
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  18. georockc

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    Just go crop dusting down the aisle :)
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  19. georockc

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    but only Qantas would serve cabbage and beans with the dinner on a transpacific flight. Talk about loading up.
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  20. I think that, properly channeled, gas could be garnered into a reservoir and used to save fuel usage in flight. So, no crop dusting or the silent movie action. :p
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  21. sobore
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    Maybe your fare is offset by the amount of methane you contribute to the airline.
    In which case I could go to the Polish buffet the day before my flight and the airline would end up owing me money!
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  22. I think a few pints of guinesss can do that as well
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  23. sobore
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  24. Captain Oveur
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    Wow, they're serving Taco Bell in-flight now?
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  25. Fyaric

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    Wow you guys cover everything!

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