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  1. cheryld
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    Hi, I have read conflicting information on the necessity of a middle name on an airline ticket when the passport has the middle name. My passport has my middle name and I have never booked a ticket anywhere with the middle name on it.
    Now I have a variety of trips booked for my family and I still don't have the middle name on the tickets. The first trip I am concerned about(and my biggest concern) is my daughter's with her boyfriend to Europe. I just found out his middle name is on his passport. They are flying AA, BA and IB in a week.

    Next, my husband and I are flying LAN to SCL and IPC in April, then in September, we are flying CX to Hong Kong and Bali. No middle name on any of those tickets, yet it does appear on our passports.

    What is the worst case scenario that we might encounter?

    Thank you!
  2. viguera
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    My wife's middle name has always been on the boarding passes, since it was part of her profile on all the airline frequent flyer accounts going back quite a while (to when she was still using it :) ).

    She got a new passport a couple of years ago (new book and all) without her middle name and there has never been an issue because of the discrepancy.

    But as some people say, YMMV. :)
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    Some airline FF programs make it difficult to use the full middle name instead of just a middle initial. When you sign up on the website, there might be space only for the middle initial. Other programs make it hard to use just first name and last name, without a middle name or middle initial, let alone just initials if that is what someone prefers.
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    So, basically we are all OK with only first and last names on the tickets, even if the middle name appears on the passport?
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    deant Milepoint Guide

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    Yay! thank you! :)
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  7. CharlesG

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    I just flew to NRT, and I can confirm even though my middle name is in my passport, it was not on my BP, and I had no problems.
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    Never had a problem with it back when I had a middle name (I don't now).
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