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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by longroller, Nov 18, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. longroller

    longroller Active Member

    Never seen this mentioned before but I realized I had been paying my child support on line (Georgia) with a Visa store card and not earning any points. They do not take Amex, since I just recently realized the benefits of points earning credit cards now I am earning UR points to use for flights to see my son.
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  2. TravelBear

    TravelBear Gold Member

    Very nice use of points! The nice thing about UR points is that if you focus on a particular airline you can earn mileage with them as well. Kind of a double dip.
  3. Mikus33

    Mikus33 Silver Member

    I assume you mean if you use UR points as a cash type option to book a ticket - it's something like 1.25 cents/point to buy flights, right? No double dip if you transfer them to airline miles like United to book an award flight. It depends on the price of the ticket the OP is planning to use them on, availability of award tickets, and if he wants/needs the EQM or not if it's better to transfer to airline miles to use for an award ticket or to buy the ticket using UR points through their site.

    Most people tend to value UR points above 1.25 cents/point, but it all depends on how you want to use your points. And if I'm off on my 1.25 cents/point, please correct me as that number is off the top of my head.
  4. TravelBear

    TravelBear Gold Member

    That's what I was assuming. QMs have been more on my mind lately so I wasn't evening thinking about converting them UR to airline miles.
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