Priority Club "Cash & Point" Trick - Huge Discount On IHG Hotels!

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  1. Million Mile Secrets

    Million Mile Secrets Silver Member

    The Priority Club "Cash & Points" trick lets you buy Priority Club points at 0.6 cents per point (a discount over the regular price). You then use these points to redeem for a room at any IHG hotel!

    You can get some great values of this by redeeming at expensive InterContinentals (e.g. IC London, Paris, Japan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Washington, DC, etc) since a room at any of these InterContinental will cost only $240 using the "Cash & Points" trick!

    Or you could get any Crowne Plaza for $150 or Holiday Inns for either $90 or $150.

    The concept is simple: book a room using the "Cash and Points" option at any IHG. Then cancel the booking, and you'll get the points (including the purchased points) back in your account!

    This process is a little detailed, and tricky to understand initially. I've blogged a detailed 7-step guide on the Priority Club "Cash & Points" trick complete with screenshots to help illustrate this helpful trick!
  2. viguera
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    viguera Gold Member

    I don't mean to sound crass, but this is a known loophole that has been discussed ad nauseam here and in other forums/blogs/etc.

    Either way, thanks for bringing it up just in case some people didn't know about this.
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  3. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

    I thought the loophole was finally closed?
    Are people still able to do this?
  4. viguera
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    viguera Gold Member

    I used it personally a few weeks ago to test actually... it worked just fine. :)
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  5. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

  6. Explore
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    Explore Silver Member

    The loophole that was closed was that purchased points no longer count towards Platinum qualification. Not a big deal.....Plat remains easy to get if you have 10 or fewer non-point stays per year.

    Plat status is important on those point stays, even though the T&C says reward stays don't qualify for any upgrades etc. Most hotels will upgrade one category if you call ahead to the hotel. Many CPs and some HIs also provide free breakfast/hors d'oeuvres to Plats. Further, I pay for Ambassador status because it may provide a slight edge even at non-IC hotels.

    Reward stays are an excellent choice at IHG properties. They're almost always available, even if paid room rate is very high. And sometimes you can confirm a reward room in a higher category, for no extra points.
  7. sobore
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    sobore Gold Member

    Interesting, I never had any of my purchased points apply toward plat. :confused:
  8. GUWonder
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    GUWonder Silver Member

    I did. I managed to get a few accounts to Platinum status by the purchase point method explained above. That rather cheap way to get Platinum status has since been killed; the aspect of getting somewhat discounted rates by the purchase point method lives still.
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  9. abcx
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    abcx Silver Member

    This thread should be closed. The less publicity the better.
  10. Trout Fishing in America
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    Trout Fishing in America Silver Member

    We know they are fully aware of this practice because of the aforementioned closing of the best part (which was, the easy mode to platinum).
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  11. skynerd

    skynerd Active Member

    I recently got Priority Club Plat by trading for points on
  12. MrHalliday
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    MrHalliday Silver Member

    ..... with all this recent publicity... just to be safe...
    I grabbed another 30K for $180,
    which will cover my AMB renewal for two cycles. :).
    All worked fine, as it has for a long time.
  13. dhammer53
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    dhammer53 Gold Member

    Same for me, but it was unintentional. :D

    While this is old news to the oldtimers on MP and FT, you have to recognize that there are always new members coming onboard with Milepoint. I'm guessing this is news to them. On behalf of the new members, thank you OP.
  14. MrHalliday
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    MrHalliday Silver Member

    I sorta agree...but don't think it is a huge problem either way.

    The parallel thread over on our "older sister" site was closed,
    so perhaps MP is not such a closed society. :rolleyes:
  15. Griz Shel
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    Griz Shel Silver Member

    This "trick" is available because IHG still chooses to make it available.

    They, however, do not choose to publicize it and make a step by step guide available on their website.

    I've seen many, many examples over the years where overt guides on how to get good deals are promulgated on the internet and that deal is loss forever. Happens again and again and again.
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  16. Agreed. It's fair enough to be discussed in certain Forums, particularly those that discuss IHG in particular - but I am not excited about people blogging step by step guides so that everybody and their mum start (ab)using it...
  17. dhammer53
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    dhammer53 Gold Member

    If you're a reader of luckycoins blog One Mile at a Time, you've read about this trick multiple times. ;)
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  18. Pete
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    Pete Silver Member

    Seems more like a shameless plug for OP's website. And the "trick" really isn't so complicated as to require a step-by-step guide. No sense flaunting this thing in PC's face and running the risk of the loophole being closed. This thread should be locked and allowed to die.
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  19. EYK
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    EYK Active Member

    agreed mods please close or delete!
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  20. dhammer53
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    dhammer53 Gold Member

    Shameless plug or not, unless you bring this thread to the Moderators attention, they'll never know. Even then, there's no guarantee they'll agree with you. ;)
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  21. Eloy Fonseca Neto
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    Eloy Fonseca Neto Silver Member

    I can't find any cash and points over the Eastern Europe Intercontinentals!!!!
  22. Bob Smolinsky
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    Bob Smolinsky Gold Member

    Just found Warsaw available........
  23. Eloy Fonseca Neto
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    Eloy Fonseca Neto Silver Member

    I payed in full for the Waraw since it was in a good rate!!!
  24. EconoTraveler

    EconoTraveler Silver Member

    Thanks OP! -- This is a great tip!!
  25. Misterstuf
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    Misterstuf Silver Member

    Thanks OP. I've read about this before, but I feel like it's good to get the word out to other like-minded individuals on how to accomplish their travel goals. While I agree that too much publicity spoils the best points-earning opportunities, I don't feel that this has quite reached critical mass yet.

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