Qualifications for Concierge Key?

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  1. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    So I was sitting in the lounge at work yesterday, and a colleague of mine sits next to me to tell me about some of his recent business travels. He's an AA loyalist, and I jokingly asked him if he was EXP. He responded by saying "I'm above that", and whipped out his Concierge Key card. I asked him what he "had to do" to get that. He really doesn't know why he received the invitation. He flies just over 100K per year with AA and has for a while. He does a lot of international travel all of which is in J. He told me that he happened to be seated next to and had a nice conversation with an AA executive on an international J flight... He told me that when he received the status upgrade that agents met him unexpectedly at the arrival of his flight, congratulated him, and told him "the card is in the mail". Thoughts?
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  2. Jimgotkp
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    Concierge Key is revenue-based and according to a few posts on TOBB, I believe it requires roughly $40-50K spend in full-fare First/Business/Economy seats.

    You have to remember that Concierge Key is not a status but a program. They all are EXPs when it comes to status.
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  3. DestinationDavid
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    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    As mentioned above, CK isn't a published elite level, it's more of a airport experience service. The basics to qualifying seem to be - 1. Spend a whole lot of $$$ or 2. Be a mover and shaker who influences travel. Or if you participated in the OWMegado you could always try to win the CK for a year prize that's being offered. :)
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  4. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I have no idea what the requirements are, but I have consistently been well above the higher limit and have never had Concierge Key. I suspect there are revenue influencing components in addition to/instead of individual revenue components.
  5. roadwarrior365
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    I have been giving CK as part of our corporate contract with AA for the past few years, but one of my employees that gotten his CK as part of his AAirpass was told he needed to up his spend to 40K to keep it.
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  6. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Very interesting. I did not realize that it was a program not a status level. My colleague actually told me that the attention can be a little much- he would just tell them he's fine and would go relax in the AC. He did say that the CC program has made it quite easy to keep his eVIP (not sure if this is the correct term as I am a lowly platinum who has never had an SWU) supply full. Thank you all for your responses.
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  7. Eloy Fonseca Neto
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    Eloy Fonseca Neto Silver Member

    Last year I had about 50K spending and none CK!!!
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  8. Jimgotkp
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    I'm really shocked by this.. When I think of AA and S. America, I gotta say I think of you Eloy...
  9. wijomas
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    wijomas Gold Member

    I'm possibly going to win the CK challenge for OWMD (though I'll be disappointed that noone did better than me if I do), but I don't really see what extra benefits it gives over EXP except during irrops. Thoughts?
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  10. zphelj

    zphelj Silver Member

    Those of us who routed on the 763 to ORD during the LHR to DFW dash received [video at top of list]
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  11. DestinationDavid
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    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    You'll be dissappointed that no one did better!? :eek: May I remind you of the 8 SWUs you used on your recent trip JFK-LAX-ORD-PEK-ORD-LAX-JFK-SFO-ORD-PEK-ORD-LAX-JFK-LAX-ORD-PVG-ORD-SFO-JFK-LAX-ORD-PEK-ORD-LAX-JFK that you posted about in the "Longest use of a SWU thread"? That doesn't even count positioning flights. :D

    With regards to CK, as noted above, it's not really a status vs a program for a pleasant airport and help with IRROPS. The Flyerguide does a pretty good job summarizing it: LINK.

    ConciergeKey Services are provided to a select group of VIPs to facilitate travel on AA. The program is offered on an invitation basis only and is targeted at customers who control travel policy for large organizations. Customers who generate a high amount of revenue for AA may also be invited into this program (those who spend upwards of US$50k a year on travel with AA). Services provided include airport escorts, airplane pre-boarding, and also assistance with flight changes, seat changes, and upgrade requests via their own dedicated reservation line. ConciergeKey representatives will also monitor day of travel of ConciergeKey members and will proactively reroute or rebook travel when necessary. ConciergeKey status allows check-in at First Class counters, as well as access to elite lines through security at certain airports. As of 2012, ConciergeKey members receive AAdvantage Executive Platinum status, membership to the Admiral's Club as well as two additional System-Wide Upgrades (SWU's) as part of CK membership.
  12. wijomas
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    Two additional SWU's, eh? I'll take those. :D
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  13. Redhead

    Redhead Silver Member

    I was CK for one year after having about $75k in J ticket spending. I'm also EXP. CK was really nice suring IRROPS or tight connections but otherwise I didn't see a ton of benefit.

    I've actually only flow 2 RTs this year (both LAX-SFO) so will be dropping down to PLT at the end of the year. After 6 years at EXP that is what is going to hurt! Thank goodness for lifetime status so even if my travel-drought continues, I won't fall below PLT
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  14. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    Quoting myself, I now know how to get Concierge Key. I got it just after I bought an AAirpass for $30,000 which comes with CK at that level. I just did that too, thanks to Horseguy. I did it because it reduced my cost of AA travel by about 15%, but the added perks are just fine with me. I have not yet experienced CK so I may be underwhelmed, as several people seem to be. FlAAgship checkin will be nice. I hate standing in the interminable FC checkins to drop luggage when coming home. There are many others consistently doing that, especially at JFK, ORD and MIA in my experience.
  15. basiface

    basiface Silver Member

    Hit me up...I'll show you the ropes so you know how things operate down here, wouldn't want you looking like a greenhorn asking for all those cushy perks you're used to:)
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  16. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed Gold Member

    I need to measure my spend and check the typical fare classes I bought. Might be worth it, especially for last-minute travel.

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  17. anabolism
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    anabolism Gold Member

  18. horseguy

    horseguy Gold Member

    Glad I was able to convince you and glad you got CK! We've had our Aairpasses for over half a decade now, and I really enjoy the program. Hopefully it will turn out as well for you.

    One warning, always check the price for buying the ticket outright. These days, AA frequently has first class for sale for much less than the Aairpass price. I'd say that happens to us around 30-40% of the time. Up until a year ago, this never happened (Aairpass was always the same price or cheaper). Of course, if there is any chance of change of plans, Aairpass cannot be beaten.
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  19. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    Since I have had AAirpass less than one month I have little experience. Of three trips so far, one was much cheaper on AAirpass, one was about the same price and one was 20% higher using AAirpass. You had once warned me of that, so I was alert. When I last had AAirpass it was always much cheaper. The flexibility is remarkable though, just as it was before deregulation.
  20. tlccva

    tlccva New Member

    I am considering an AAirpass, but do not fly last minute often, generally plan ahead and get economy pricing. I only fly 30k-40k per year normally (sometimes more).

    I don't mind spending more on travel, especially if I can lock in upgrades when I want. I would like to know how to calculate fares for various locations, so I can measure cost estimates for using an AAirpass when I am not the perfect candidate for one.
  21. anabolism
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    anabolism Gold Member

    Are you just asking how to see what the fare is between two cities? You can always check aa.com, or matrix.itasoftware.com. I assume I'm misunderstanding your question; I'm sorry.
  22. ballardFlyer

    ballardFlyer Gold Member

    AAirpass is for full fare flying - lots of flexibility but at a big unit cost. It will not be a good deal if you are planning ahead unless you are buying paid F or full flex Econ which it doesn't sound like - I may be off here - just guessing.

    You only get CK if you spend $30k upfront. Min for airpass is $10k I believe.

    And air pass and CK don't really affect upgrades.
  23. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    ballardFlyer is absolutely correct. I am an enthusiastic AAirpass buyer, BUT, I often buy at the last minute and often pay for Business and/or First. I my situation AAirpass does save me money, especially with the discount advance which still scores upgrades, Honestly i don't know if the upgrades are easier with AAirpass and CK or not. I almost always got upgrades before I had either CK or AAirpass so it's hard to say. CK itself is worth a lot to me, especially for IIROPS, airport congestion or simple mistakes. I have made a couple really bizarre mistakes (bringing a passport of my spouse rather than mine; leaving home with my spouse having an expired passport, but a good one for another country) and found that CK made a huge difference in fixing what seemed insurmountable. Several times when IRROPS were a big problem AA CK magically solved problems. After the last year I'll continue with AAirpass without a doubt, in large part because of CK.

    Being lucky enough to have frequent comparisons, CK is just like being in full F on AF or LH, but without the fancy limousines and superb food. Alain Ducasse catered only with AF, AA has no such benefits. However, the excellent found services, facilitation of baggage and boarding when overcrowded, delayed or other issues interfere is where the value is. That is heightened with FlAAgship checkin which trumps even conventional PreCheck.

    If those things are worth it to you, buy the AAirpass and be thrilled. If not, forget it, you will not save money except in rare instances. They do it to get higher yield. They do get it, at least from me.
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  24. anabolism
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    What did CK do to resolve the passport problems?
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  25. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I'll make it short:
    Case 1) When I discovered I had brought my US and my spouses US passports rather than my own Brazilian passport also, with no national ID card on my person to substitute (more later on this), CK arranged for me to wait for my spouse to deliver the correct one, then whisked me through immigration, security and boarding so I could be the last boarding passenger. They also boarded my baggage while waiting.
    Case 2) When we discovered tumour chagrin that Mrs. jbc Brazil passport had expired, CK confirmed that the national ID card would suffice in-out of Brazil so long as she had another valid passport entry and exit abroad, quoting the exact Brazilian regulatory text. We were flying DL, not even AA or OW, and I told CK that, and they helped anyway. DL had advised us that we were totally out of luck, impossible to leave or enter without a Brazilian passport. BTW, we knew that within Mercosur citizens of all Mercosur countries can travel freely using only national ID cards, so we were predisposed to disbelieve DL. In the end we had to provide the written regulation to DL when checking it because they did not believe it was possible. By coincidence we have flown AF since then and AF did not even blink an eye; they knew the policy without any reference at all.

    With luck I'll not have too many recurrent cases of (hopefully) temporary mental defects.:eek:

    It is worth one other detail, probably. When I returned to Brazil from the US recently my plane arrived as 5 B777/A340/B744 plus the AA 763 within a 20-minute period. GIG was not prepared for that volume since they were all apparently full (EK, KL, LH, AF, JJ). I had three bags, each the permitted 30kg. The foreigner queues extending far into arrival corridors as did the Brazilian ones, but the Brazilian processing was very, very fast. When I descended to baggage claim is was nearly impossible to even enter the area due to the crowds. An AA CK staffer was standing there with my bags on a trolley, and she sent me though the crew-employee processing whereupon I was out of the airport less than 20 minutes after landing even in those horrible conditions.

    How much are those experiences worth? For me, quite a lot!
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