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  1. deosola

    deosola Silver Member

    I just got my Alaska Airlines credit card and would like to use it to book my flight to Hawaii.

    A few questions.
    1) I will use my points to get 2 free tickets and use the companion ticket to buy 2 tickets. Is it correct to use the points for the 2 tickets for my children and to spend full price on my ticket and the $99 ticket for my wife in order to add miles to my account? Is that the best way?

    2) Can the $99 companion ticket be used to book a flight via the Alaska site on an American flight?

  2. Emos-closet
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    Emos-closet Silver Member

    1. Yes, correct.

    2. Must be Alaska metal

    Tip: Each time you book a trip on and pay with your card you get 1000 points. For the future, book your RT's as 2 one ways, so you get 2000 points.
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  3. Efilon87

    Efilon87 Silver Member

    Let me touch on the companion cert for a sec. I had one for American for signing up for one of their credit cards. I thought it was gravy, just book a ticket and call to apply the companion cert and me and my roommate would be on our way somewhere awesome...But, a really BIG but, the rep on the phone asked me if i read the terms. Apparently the reservation had to be booked in H, V, M, L, K, or W. Which meant that the $340 RT ticket (LAX-JFK) booked in Q jumped to $1,370 booked in H, plus the $99 for the companion cert. Once I found that out, the cert was no longer of use to me.

    Now, I dont know how the Alaska companion cert works, but if it is anything like American, IMHO, it isnt worth it. What are the booking codes required to use the Alaska certs?

    Just my two cents.
  4. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

    Typically where the companion ticket becomes worth it is when you book your flight into first class with Alaska. Two first class tickets can have you flying two in first class for a little more than it would in coach.

    Much like points, its rarely a good value to redeem in coach. My Amex card lets me get a free companion ticket when I redeem 15,000 aeroplan points on a short haul flight in coach. Minus taxes and fees -- for both tickets. Often the taxes and fees on two tickets costs more than just buying the tickets, and I save 15,000 points.
  5. mbluecpa

    mbluecpa Active Member

    There are no minimum fare restrictions on the companion certificate/discount code. There is no maximum either, so it can be applied to anything from the lowest economy fare to a first class fare.

    The value provided by the certificate and its ease of use are the main reasons I have the card.
  6. iolaire
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    iolaire Gold Member

    There are no booking code restrictions, all paid fares are valid. That includes web specials, first class and the like...
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  7. tondoleo
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    tondoleo Gold Member

    This is a simple and concise argument why a MPer would want the Alaska card. It is a great value to go to Hawaii or transcon from coast to coast in F on AS.
  8. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

    Is there a list somewhere of the key airports that Alaska flys into and out of? I'm in Montreal (YUL). An Alaska first class ticket (last I looked) from here was nuts. So I would have to reposition somewhere -- I was curious where the closest one would be?
  9. gleff
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    gleff Co-founder

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  10. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

  11. jackal
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    jackal Gold Member

    It's not always "a little" more than coach. For example, with a companion cert, I can fly me and a companion from ANC to MIA for $985.94 in Y and $1,932.14 in F. Sure, the second one is a better value (the companion cert saves me $1712 vs. $766), but seeing as how I'd never consider spending more than about $500 to go to MIA, I'm not likely to pick the second option.

    Of course, I can fly two people to MIA for $962.20 on CO without using a companion cert right now. AS isn't trying very hard to get me to fly them. ;) (And yes, these are month-long searches for the lowest fares, not a specific fare on a specific date.)

    That may be because there is no such thing as an F ticket on AS ex-YUL. AS doesn't fly to YUL, so if you try to price an F ticket out on, it shows partner fares. And never trust AS's partner fares; they're usually inflated beyond reality.

    Not only that, but you can't use an AS companion certificate on any itinerary involving a partner carrier. It has to be 100% AS metal. So, the closest places for you to catch an AS aircraft would be BOS or EWR. Closer doesn't always mean cheaper, though. ;)
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  12. mtlfire

    mtlfire Gold Member

    I meant in the sense (when I priced it) that two full fare coach fees (not using a cert) was just under the price of one full fare F using a cert to get the second. I had priced from Vancouver to Hawaii in September 2012 about a month ago. My problem was getting to YVR ;).

    Yeah, the same coach fares on partner airlines from YUL were like $2,400 each. One way.

    I can usually get to Florida from YUL for a ridiculously low amount. MCO right now is about $330 a person AI RT from YUL on Air Canada. Like you said, much cheaper for me to reposition to MCO than something much closer like BOS. Distance is like size, it doesn't always matter. :D
  13. Noyonana

    Noyonana New Member

    Does that also apply when booking mulitple cities? My husband and I usually use our companion pass to fly first class for longer flights. I can book coach to and from SF/Seattle, then 1st to and from Seattle/Kansas City. I'm also thinking that there aren't a whole lot of !st class passengers on the SF/Seattle leg and would probably have the opportunity to upgrade when confirming our flight for less, especially if the companion ticket works for the upgrade.

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