Relocation of MP lounges to one common area

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  1. bakedpatato
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    bakedpatato Gold Member

    I vote we call it "TSA Shut Down My Lounge Thread"
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  2. ryandc99
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    ryandc99 Gold Member

    I think we should have the first ever Tea and Crumpets DO to discuss this in a more civilized manor.
  3. Kaanapali
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    Kaanapali Gold Member

    Well...if this were combined with a certain partially-unclothed would have to be located in the off-topic private area ;)
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  4. MikeMpls
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    MikeMpls Gold Member

    The lounges have done quite well in the current environments for (taking FT into account) for years.
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  5. Tenmoc
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    Tenmoc Gold Member

    No need to take FT into account. This is not FT and I hope it never is.
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  6. bakedpatato
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    bakedpatato Gold Member

    Yum crumpets. :D
    Devil's advocate here, but FT's been around since forever. Yeah, its had its share of trouble but it works...
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  7. N965VJ
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    N965VJ Silver Member

    So the spelling lessons for Grasshopper have been making progress in The Lounge™? :p:D
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  8. GenevaFlyer
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    GenevaFlyer Milepoint Guide

    Insecticide has been purchased in large quantities :D

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  9. Cholula
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    Cholula Milepoint Guide

    To inject my two pesos into this, I agree with those folks who are in favor of grouping....but not combining...the Lounges into a common area. And where that area is is not really a great concern to me.

    But I am in favor of leaving the airline Lounge threads in the airline forums as, it has already been pointed out, most of the talk is airline related anyway. Plus it's a good place for a newbie to pop in and ask a quick question.

    Some folks are leery of starting a new thread with a question they may have and usually find it more user-friendly to just ask the question in an informal thread like a Lounge thread.
  10. Tenmoc
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    Tenmoc Gold Member

    I think it boils down to activity. The lounges are in constant motion so you're likely to get answers nearly immediately.
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  11. Cholula
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    Cholula Milepoint Guide

    Correct. And they are a non-threatening environment* for folks who may be a little shy about asking a question in the general airline or hotel forums.

    *Well, "non-threatening" as long as Dovster isn't in residence. :p
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  12. Pharaoh
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    Pharaoh Gold Member

    Exactly. And everyone gets what they want.
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  13. mtkeller
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    mtkeller Silver Member

    I have plenty of tea, but I think there's only five crumpets in my flat and Sainsbury's is closed for the night :(
  14. Randy Petersen
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    Randy Petersen Founder

    Appreciate that this whole post is humor, but I'd like to point out that the OP never suggested any thread merger, nor even called for anything to be done, the member simply observed something relative to the way airline lounges were structured and was wondering thoughts from other members. Thinking out loud should always invite ideas and positive exchanges, not criticism—at least that's the way milepoint is intended. Thanks.
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  15. MSPeconomist
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    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    Upon further reflection, I'm not sure how prominently MP should emphasize lounges to Newbies. We want them to come here primarily because they're interested in miles and points, or travel more generally, and not just to socialize. We also don't want to give the impression that they necessarily "should" participate in lounges. I'm not suggesting that we hide the lounges or make them hard to find--indeed, if a forum is created for the common (Community Center and Off Topic) lounge threads, it would be good to have a sticky with links to other social threads throughout MP--but I don't think this should be the first stuff that newbies see. Ideally, we can inform them in a neutral way (for instance, by providing links where appropriate in some of the "how to use MP" threads) without giving the impression that this is an overly important part of their experience on MP as opposed to complementing their experience here by helping them get to know other participants and sometimes obtain quick answers and/or advice.
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  16. jbcarioca
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    jbcarioca Gold Member

    I am liking your idea. This is the best idea so far. IMO anyway.
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  17. Kaanapali
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    Kaanapali Gold Member

    "MilePoint - Where Frequent Flyers Meet"
    It would be hard for a newbie to meet other frequent flyers...without having an idea where to meet and where a lot of the frequent flyers on here spend a portion of their time. A lounge can also be a good place to ask a question and know several people are there who can provide an answer/opinion right away.

    I do not think anyone has suggested mandatory participation in any lounge, or that one should participate. But the decision on whether one does participate should be left to each individual. Providing them a place to find links to all such lounges is just providing information in an open and friendly way.
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  18. Chimpy
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    Chimpy Gold Member

    Very well said.
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  19. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    If you combined Tea and Crumpets with partially-unclothed you'd have to call it Tea and Strumpets. And I do believe we already have a most popular thread dedicated to that, in the off-topic private area.
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  20. Dovster
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    Dovster Gold Member

    How sharper than a serpent's tooth is an ungrateful hot sauce peddler!

    I took Cholula from complete obscurity and made him into a household word by starting the Unabashed Cholula Spam thread and this is how he repays me. :(

    He was a nobody -- not a moderator, not a TB member, and not a guide -- when I decided to grace him with a new image. After that, he became wealthy quickly, allowing him to retire on his 85th birthday and spend his days wearing ridiculous flowered shirts and watching dogs irrigate fire hydrants.
  21. Sarah P.
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    Sarah P. Silver Member

    I'm not an ungrateful wretch like Cholula.

    I will never forget how you got me out of that frozen popsicle of a state by convincing Cholula's grandson to choose me as his running mate. More importantly, of course, I will never forget that first weekend we spent together in New Hope, Pensylvania Pennsilanya Pennsulvania , er, New Hope, PA, and how you let me now what it really feels like to be a woman!
  22. Cholula
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    Cholula Milepoint Guide

    I've come full circle and am now pretty much back to being a nobody.

    And kind of enjoying it. :)
  23. cheepneezy
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    cheepneezy Gold Member

    :confused: I feel like we're creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. I'd rather see more resources devoted to organizing the "Other U.S. Destinations" forum than worrying about cross linking lounge threads all over.
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  24. Grail
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    Grail Silver Member

    I am in favor of leaving all 13 Lounge threads we currently have exactly where they are on MP.

    Browsed around today and compiled a list with links to all existing lounges: here.
  25. lin821
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    lin821 Gold Member

    Well said! :)

    HelllOOOoo, cheepneezy! How are you? Hope to exchange some good m/a/e with you in our (international) MP Community Lounge sometime soon! ;)
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