[Save the date]: FT University comes to the west coast! LA Dec. 7-9

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  1. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Due to popular demand, the FT University will be hosting another event on the west coast. Please save the date. It will be held in Los Angeles the weekend of December 7-9th.

    More to come at the end of May
  2. LAXtraveler
    • Original Member

    LAXtraveler Gold Member

    For all those who are California Dreamin' :cool:
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  3. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Or likes DEQM ;) (If AA extends their campaign -- again)
  4. kellio
    • Original Member

    kellio Gold Member

    On my calendar!
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  5. perryplatypus

    perryplatypus Gold Member

    Sounds great! Next up Dallas? I would love to see that. :)
  6. MJonTravel
    • Original Member

    MJonTravel Silver Member

    Year - end top off for my mileage account. :)
  7. lovethosemiles

    lovethosemiles Active Member

    I think I will finally get to see what all the excitement is about.
  8. Omar's_Coming
    • Original Member

    Omar's_Coming Silver Member

    I haven't even done my first event yet (next week!!) and now I can't wait for the next installment!
  9. k_malm
    • Original Member

    k_malm Silver Member

    :) Oh this makes me happy. NYC is hard for me to get to. This I should be able to make work. I just need to arrange for Dear Husband to take care of dear little one. Wonderful news!
  10. jumpdogjump
    • Original Member

    jumpdogjump Silver Member

    Awesome. Can't wait to see a pro football game there. Oh wait...
  11. TravelByPoints

    TravelByPoints Silver Member

    Wonderful news for us living in this corner. Looking forward to an FTU in fabulous Las Vegas sometime soon!
  12. shawny_mcd

    shawny_mcd Active Member

    AWESOME! Looking forward to this happening in my backyard!
  13. shawny_mcd

    shawny_mcd Active Member

    Me too!!!
  14. AndrewT84

    AndrewT84 Active Member

    Awesome. I've been to the Chicago seminars before and have wanted to go to this but timing never worked out. Hopefully since I live in LA I can swing this. :)
  15. MrHalliday
    • Original Member

    MrHalliday Silver Member

    hmmmm... should I wait for that ?? :D
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  16. sc801
    • Original Member

    sc801 Gold Member

    A nice stop off on the way to Hawaii, I'm thinking!
  17. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    Marathon in Memphis, TN the week before, Marathon in Rehoboth, Delaware that weekend.........
  18. wrxmom

    wrxmom Gold Member

    Hmm, now to figure out if I can somehow get a multicity ticket out of SAN-LAX....
  19. mommafrica

    mommafrica Silver Member

    LOVE THIS! The better half & I would love to make this!
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  20. HCA

    HCA Silver Member

    Great and can't wait to attend.
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  21. slotownmomma
    • Original Member

    slotownmomma Silver Member

    Awesome! Perfect opportunity to get some of my friends more exposed to my hobby! Love it!
  22. Theweeklyflyer
    • Original Member

    Theweeklyflyer Silver Member

    LA and timing works great. Going to sand bag some flights and hotel now. Can't hurt and can always change later.

    Really had a good time at the FTU NYC.
  23. alfagirl

    alfagirl Gold Member

    +1. My problem is that I am already in LAX......I can see the planes take off and land from my office,
  24. infamousdx

    infamousdx Silver Member

    After the weekend we had at FTU-NJ, I might want to go to this one too!
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  25. Seacarl
    • Original Member

    Seacarl Gold Member

    Maybe you can book an award flight via GRU or GIG
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