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Scandinavian DO?

Discussion in 'SAS | EuroBonus' started by SirRagnar, Mar 7, 2011.  |  Print Topic


Would you be interested in a SK DO? (presuming you are available for the dates we may end on)

  1. Yes, regardless of location

    29 vote(s)
  2. Yes, if it's in CPH

    12 vote(s)
  3. Yes, if it's in OSL

    6 vote(s)
  4. Yes, if it's in ARN

    10 vote(s)
  5. Yes, if it's in [post the location you prefer below]

    1 vote(s)
  6. Maybe, it depends on [post what it depends on]

    6 vote(s)
  7. No, not interested

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. TOS_EBG

    TOS_EBG Silver Member

    Keeping the weekend open! I hope there will be some good connecting flight offers for us starting a bit far from the SK hubs :)
  2. SirRagnar
    • Original Member

    SirRagnar Milepoint Guide

    Good news.

    I met with SAS and they have confirmed their interest in our meet-up and would like to host us in ARN on Friday the 7th October.

    They expect to do something similar to the Star Mega DO in OSL and show us different parts of the organization such as Product Development, Eurobonus, Social Media etc. They expect to have some new products and projects at the time and we might get first look at those. Details to be disclosed at a later stage.

    So the rough plan look like this:

    07OCT Morning Meetups @ OSL, HEL and CPH
    07OCT Flights to ARN
    07OCT Program with SAS @ ARN
    07OCT Dinner in Stockholm
    07OCT Hotel Stockholm

    08OCT Flight ARN - HEL
    08OCT Program with Blue1 @ HEL
    08OCT Saturday dinner in Helsinki
    08OCT Hotel Helsinki

    09OCT Sightseeing / Dep from HEL

    There are still open spots: The Inaugural Annual Nordic Meetup

    Please note, you should expect to take the day off Friday, if you are like many of us that work Monday to Friday.
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  3. tosc
    • Original Member

    tosc Active Member

    Sounds great, just added the DO to my calendar! :)
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  4. BGO-commuter
    • Original Member

    BGO-commuter Silver Member

    Thanks for the update SirRagnar..
    I have the DO in my calendar as well, and I just hope the bosses agree with this :)
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  5. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    Great job, Sir!

    I hereby confirm that Milepoint will be sponsoring this DO. Randy and I will be there and we will be picking up the tab for Friday nights dinner.

    Looking forward to it!

    Maybe we could start a new thread about this in the meetup section and provide a link from this thread in post #1?

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  6. SirRagnar
    • Original Member

    SirRagnar Milepoint Guide

    Thanks Tommy - and thanks for putting me in contact with SAS. It sounds great that you and Randy will participate and sponsor a dinner, very generous.

    We actually already have a thread in the Meet-up thread, it's been there for some time, but it's not that active (I'm the only poster): http://milepoint.com/forums/threads...l-annual-nordic-meetup-stockholm-sweden.5882/

    Now that I've started this post I will also take the opportunity to ask for someone in OSL to act as coordinator of the OSL meetup before flying to ARN. It doesn't require anything else but setting up a meeting point for everyone starting in OSL.
    We have representatives from CPH and HEL in the committee so we will do that for those cities (CPH'ers meet with me and HEL'ers meet with Captainfire/Gnopps). If we have many attendees from other cities that doesn't want to go to HEL, CPH or OSL before going to ARN we'd also like to hear it to see if we should arrange for other meeting points.
  7. tosc
    • Original Member

    tosc Active Member

    Just booked some cheepo flights on LH, arriving Friday morning from Dusseldorf and flying back to Frankfurt on Sunday afternoon :) Looking forward to a hopefully funny and interesting DO :)
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  8. SirRagnar
    • Original Member

    SirRagnar Milepoint Guide

    Sounds good. Where are you arriving to/departing from?
  9. tosc
    • Original Member

    tosc Active Member

    Flying to ARN, departing from HEL
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  10. Someone
    • Original Member

    Someone Silver Member

    I can be the coordinator on the OSL side, if you need any help here
  11. fluxie

    fluxie Active Member

    I'm in and looking forward to it. Departing from OSL.
  12. Robbiedeluxe
    • Original Member

    Robbiedeluxe Silver Member

    I'm in as well! Departing from OSL or ARN.
  13. tommy777
    • Original Member

    tommy777 Co-founder

    We are making some milepoint t-shirts for this DO. Randy will post some designs soon!
  14. joemume
    • Original Member

    joemume Silver Member

    I'm in, departing from UME to ARN.
  15. GVA380
    • Original Member

    GVA380 Silver Member

    I'm in. I have made a note in my calender and blocked the day - home base is ARN :)
  16. haakonks

    haakonks Silver Member

    I'm hoping that I'm able to join...
    Have to sort out some travel details at work first. I might be in San Diego that weekend...
  17. no-backpacker
    • Original Member

    no-backpacker Silver Member

    It looks like I will be in China/Korea when the DO is planned, so no DO for me.Still happy to go to Asia... :-D

  18. view
    • Original Member

    view Silver Member

    I had been hoping to join, this looks like it's going to be great fun. Family commitments keeps me from joining, I'll try to join in next time around.
  19. SK2868
    • Original Member

    SK2868 Silver Member

    I've got a couple of questions about the DO.
    - What will the price for joining the DO be?
    - Will the group get a special rate on flights and hotels?
    - And also which flights we should be taking?

    I've been looking at this itinerary on WIAS:
    Fri oct.7
    Lv. BGO 06:00
    Arr. CPH 07:25
    Transfer 45 min.
    Lv. CPH 08:10
    Arr. ARN 09:20

    Sat oct.8
    SK6698 (Blue1 operated flight)
    Lv. ARN 09:10
    Arr. HEL 11:10

    Sun oct. 9
    SK6455 (Blue1 operated flight)
    Lv. HEL 12:50
    Arr. CPH 13:30
    Transfer 40 min.
    Lv. CPH 14:10
    Arr. BGO 15:30

    Price: 1902 NOK (Youth Discount)

    Would I be able to make the ARN-programme if I get the direct flight from BGO 10:45-12:05? That would save me from getting up at 4am, 300kr price difference plus 400kr cab fare.

    This will be awesome! :)
  20. SirRagnar
    • Original Member

    SirRagnar Milepoint Guide

    Hi SK2868

    We don't have a combined price yet, but we are negotiating group rates for the common flight as well as hotels.

    Currently we have an offer from Blue1 on 128€ a/i for C-class tickets from ARN to HEL (200% points), but we have no further pricing details yet. The flight is KF430 which is the same as you have posted above. The price is more than 50% off compared to current price so we think it's a good deal for C-tickets.

    I am not sure what time we start in ARN either, but I'll update here as soon as we know - hopefully soon.
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  21. SK2868
    • Original Member

    SK2868 Silver Member

    Thanks for the quick reply! Seems like you've mangaged to get a pretty good deal there. Awesome job Sir! :D
  22. Captainfire
    • Original Member

    Captainfire Silver Member

    We're still having discussions with KF to see if we can bring the price down a bit further, making it a non-refundable etc. We will most likely only have a C class special rate, as an M rate would probably not bring down the price very much, if at all. Current price is 68€ for M, but it will probably drop a bit as we get closer. We'll let you all know as soon as we have details on payment and exact prices.

    Hope to see as many of you as possible attending! :)
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  23. SirRagnar
    • Original Member

    SirRagnar Milepoint Guide

    It was actually CaptainFire that managed to get that rate, so I can't take credit for that :)
  24. Someone
    • Original Member

    Someone Silver Member

    That deal for ARN-HEL, seems rather good. But are you also trying to negotiate some good rates to ARN and from HEL too xxx (guess quite a lot of us are starting en either CPH or OSL) as well?
  25. Captainfire
    • Original Member

    Captainfire Silver Member

    Right now we don't have any plans negotiate grouprates for the feeder into ARN. What i can tell we'll have 5-6 people originating from CPH and OSL each, then a bunch x-US, UME, BGO, GOT and of course ARN. I'm not sure we'll recieve any significant discount on these routes, and would probably also incur a booking fee for over-the-phone booking.

    I'll have a word with KF for x-HEL fares with them to ARN, CPH and OSL, see if they'd be willing to offer anything.
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