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  1. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

    May end up being 6-10 segments short of gold this year....

    Any creative ways to pick up those segments?

    Has anyone seen any united flights that are domestic and require 4 or so layovers? :)

    I'm guessing my best bet is to start hitting their weekend "special fares"?
  2. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

    I just realized there's a section dedicated to this on MP...

    Feel free to move my thread if needed!
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  3. ssullivan
    • Original Member

    ssullivan Gold Member

    Sometimes you can find decent multi-connection deals, particularly if you don't mind involving a smaller city as your origin or destination. I've found some good double-connects via two UA hubs between where I live and where I need to be for work that not only give me a lot more segments, but a lot more miles.

    I find it works best to just look at a map, get creative, and start plugging things into the multi-city search to see how it prices.

    I just requalified for 1K today on segments.
  4. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

  5. davef139

    davef139 Gold Member

    Very beginer way is look at route map, ie JFK only connects to IAD, tons of midwest airports connect only to DEN/ORD thus forcing a double connect
  6. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

    My origination is ord

  7. Wandering Aramean
    • Original Member

    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    MKE. ;)
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  8. ssullivan
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    ssullivan Gold Member

    I've found some good bargains in/out of MSN lately too.
  9. 2wheels

    2wheels Silver Member

    You can usually force MKE-ORD-PHL-XXX-PHL-ORD-MKE for the same price or just a little more than ORD-XXX if you don't mind a few US legs.
  10. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

    Thanks.. I'm playing with this now.. I'll let you know what I find.
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  11. unavaca
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    unavaca Gold Member

    Yup, MKE is your friend. I'd look for runs to the Florida-area. Competition is strong there, so fares tend to be low. Some places down there are only serviced via IAD, which make MKE-ORD-IAD-XXX your friend.
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  12. unavaca
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    unavaca Gold Member

    I suppose there's always MKE-ORD-SBN-ORD-MKE :)
  13. 2wheels

    2wheels Silver Member

    using ITA, I was able to find a few options for sub-$50 segments. I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on the one attached, but there are a bunch like it. I searched for MKE UA UA UA (airports within 50 miles of CHS) UA UA UA MKE, month search with 0 nights. That should be a good start for your searching.

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  14. bkramt1

    bkramt1 Active Member

    I did this a few times in past years, when I needed a top off to reach 1K at the end of the year. I would route through UA and US hubs and it worked like a charm. Something like PIT-PHL-BOS-LGA and back, or PIT-IAD-IND-ORD and back. I can get 7-8 segments out/back in a day; no overnight. It's a matter of ita searches, like the last post, to get the right day and right fare that makes sense.
  15. Phorever

    Phorever Silver Member

    Yeah, I've been searching and have been able to find a few 6 segment days under 50/segment.

    I may get one scheduled ere for October

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