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SFO to Open Yoga Room (in T2)

Discussion in 'SFO/OAK/SMF/SJC | San Francisco Area Airports' started by tom911, Jan 26, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

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  2. sobore
    • Original Member

    sobore Gold Member

    Would be perfect if they also permitted cigar smoking!:D
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  3. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

    Who will do the clean up?
  4. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    That won't happen. They have signs on the terminal doors that you can't smoke within 25 feet of those in addition to the entire interior of all the terminals. SFO is pretty much anti-smoking.
  5. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    Good question. They always seem to have maintenance workers about so maybe they'll pop in every couple hours like they do with the bathrooms.
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  6. Jimgotkp
    • Original Member

    Jimgotkp Gold Member

    Better have some single malts too then and some comfy chairs ;)
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  7. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    T2, being the newest terminal at SFO, and home to both AA and Virgin America, does have a nice selection of restaurants and vendors.
    Terminal 2-dining photos
  8. Jett Rink
    • Original Member

    Jett Rink Silver Member


    The Jett Rink Instant Knee-Jerk Reaction™ ;) to the Yoga Room (in T2!):
    1) it won't trend elsewhere
    2) charge admission
    3) Jett Rink's lotus position is I'd like to have one
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  9. estnet
    • Original Member

    estnet Gold Member

    ???? Just opening? I've been there two or three times in the last few weeks. It's really a great addition, especially when doing multiple mr sfo-or don the same day!
  10. tom911
    • Original Member

    tom911 Gold Member

    The "official opening" was today. I'm watching a piece about it on the evening news right now.

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  11. karung99
    • Original Member

    karung99 Gold Member

    I have used this yoga room twice during my SFO-ORD MR, feel so great after stretching there.

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