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ShopRunner Pay it Forward

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by FrequentMiler, Feb 18, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Recently I was experimenting with various double-dip shopping portal scenarios and found that some of the online stores I was shopping in offered free shipping for ShopRunner customers. I remembered that many people got extra ShopRunner memberships from the Amex Gift Chain promo last year so I asked blog readers for help was given one within minutes (actually, I was given several, but I only used one).

    One thing I noticed when I signed up was that the free membership would expire at the end of February if not claimed.

    So, the point of this thread is to provide a place for people to give away their extra memberships or to claim one if you need one. I expect to reveal at least one cool double dip opportunity in the near future where this membership would be useful so I do recommend getting one if you can.

    Please just post here if you have one to give away and edit your post once it's claimed. If you'd like one, please private message (PM) a person who has offered one.

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  2. aaucello

    aaucello Silver Member

    I have 3 extra memberships - send me a message if you need :)
  3. houstonhusker

    houstonhusker Active Member

    I would appreciate a free shoprunner membership. Thanks!
  4. traveler
    • Original Member

    traveler Gold Member

    I could use a free shoprunner membership. Thanks
  5. Scottrick
    • Original Member

    Scottrick Gold Member

    I could also use one. Thank you!
  6. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    I would love one if any left. Thanks.
  7. aaucello

    aaucello Silver Member

    Aw shucks... I gave them all away. So surprised how fast people messaged me. Enjoy!
  8. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    I could use one if anyone else has multiple. Thanks!
  9. sunspotzsz
    • Original Member

    sunspotzsz Silver Member

    I have one or two I can give away, PM me
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  10. sunspotzsz
    • Original Member

    sunspotzsz Silver Member

    All gone now.
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  11. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Thank you!
  12. vnigam

    vnigam Active Member

    I would really appreciate it if anyone has a spare membership going. Thanks
  13. cruisegal

    cruisegal Silver Member

    same here, if anyone has an extra I would be glad of one too. Thanks!
  14. dante60093

    dante60093 Active Member

    Would very much appreciate getting one as well. Thanks much.
  15. Vik Murthy
    • Original Member

    Vik Murthy Silver Member

    Would also be much obliged if anyone has one to spare. Cheers.
  16. Up&Away

    Up&Away Silver Member

    If anyone comes along with an extra, I would appreciate it!
  17. booyaa
    • Original Member

    booyaa Silver Member

    I've got 2. PM me
  18. PaulWisski

    PaulWisski Active Member

    I would like a membership, please. My mom always said to say Please. Thanks
  19. I would also like a membership please, thanks.
  20. traveler
    • Original Member

    traveler Gold Member

    Hi, I am still looking for a free membership, Thanks...
    I now have one thanks - booyaa-
  21. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    I would love one please. Thanks
  22. Biggles209
    • Original Member

    Biggles209 Silver Member

    Many thanks!!
  23. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    I tried my ShopRunner account with Drugstore.com this weekend. Not impressed.

    First, I had a prescription refill. No dice. Seems this doesn't help. I thought it zeroed out my shipping, but then the emailed receipt showed $2.99 for shipping.

    Next, I tried to order some shaving cream. Has to be shipped ground due to FAA regulations apparently. So they insisted on $6.99 in shipping. I canceled that one.
  24. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    Still looking for a shop runner if anyone has one to spare.
    Thanks in advance :)
  25. traveler
    • Original Member

    traveler Gold Member

    Thank you!!!!!

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