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ShopRunner Pay it Forward

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by FrequentMiler, Feb 18, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. Stubtify

    Stubtify Active Member

    Also would like one if anyone has an extra. Intrigued by this...
  2. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    I'd definitely like to hear from anyone who actually has found ShopRunner to be useful.
  3. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    I am still looking for one, if anyone has a spare membership it would be most appreciated.
  4. tarheelblue
    • Original Member

    tarheelblue Silver Member

    All it takes is one teenager who shops at American Eagle. Free two-day shipping and free returns? Trust me, it's helpful.
  5. peege

    peege Active Member

    I would appreciate one please, thank you.
  6. MyMiles&Points
    • Original Member

    MyMiles&Points Milepoint Guide

    I also could use one. thanks!
  7. travellight

    travellight Active Member

    Me 3! Please let me know if you have an extra one.

    My shoprunner trial is about to expire. I have been finding it useful for small yet time-sensitive household purchases, which can occur to me on Monday and be delivered on Weds.
  8. misterbwong

    misterbwong Silver Member

    I just used this on Eastern Mountain Sports for a jacket the other day. 5pts/$ through UR mall + free 2day shipping via shoprunner. It's also useful for Newegg.
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  9. schnitzel
    • Original Member

    schnitzel Gold Member

    Not bad. And NewEgg will likely be useful. Hopefully some other companies I've heard of will get on-board.

    Anyone know how the economics work? Who is paying whom here, between ShopRunner and the retailers? Is it all about trying to compete with Amazon Prime?
  10. rharrigill
    • Original Member

    rharrigill Silver Member

    If there are any spare memberships out there, I'll take one!
  11. aaucello

    aaucello Silver Member

    Ordered from American Eagle in Jan.. worked like a charm. Have not used it since. They need to get better merchants
  12. 136581900

    136581900 New Member

  13. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    If there is a spare membership I am still hoping to find one. Thanks
  14. Dennybob

    Dennybob Active Member

    I'm still looking for one if anyone has an extra.
  15. i'm also looking for one if anyone has an extra. thanks in advance!
  16. katstarr

    katstarr Gold Member

    as is typical for me - I signed up for it, but never used it
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  17. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Thanks to a reader who doesn't yet have an account here, I have 5 memberships to give away! First 5 to PM me will get them. If I don't reply to your PM it will be because they are all gone (and I will update this post with that fact).

    Update: all are gone
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  18. flyguyUK

    flyguyUK New Member

    I would love ot have one of these please. Thanks

  19. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Update: 1 left

    Update: all gone
  20. daninstl

    daninstl Gold Member

    I have saved a lot with shop runner on various sites but also when ordering dominos pizza. They charge a small $1.99 ish delivery charge but waive it if you additionally log into shop runner during the online order process.
  21. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    All gone
  22. pyk
    • Original Member

    pyk Active Member


    I've used Shoprunner a few times -- Drugstore.com has a few products that I never would have bought normally (a bunch of floss for instance), but with free 2-day shipping... why not. Newegg has also been useful too.
  23. Dennybob

    Dennybob Active Member

    Anyone still have a spare? Would appreciate it.
  24. tarheelblue
    • Original Member

    tarheelblue Silver Member

    As noted in the original post, "...the free membership would expire at the end of February if not claimed." Those AmEx-supplied offers expired last month.
  25. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Thanks for the reminder. Even though I had posted it, I had forgotten! By the way, Go Heels!

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