Should we re-title the milepoint status levels?

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  1. kiwi
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    private jet
  2. Original Member
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    Not sure why we need "status" titles... on the "other" website, it seemed to lead to a bunch of fluff posts of questionable value.

    I second references to knowledge/contribution...
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  3. deant
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    deant Milepoint Guide

    Agree that titles just cause numerous people asking for "likes", posting non-value added posts etc. We need to concentrate on quality - not quantity.

    If you really have to have titles, then just make them up, it really does not matter.
  4. scubaflyer
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    scubaflyer Silver Member

    Thanks for the recognition Original Member ;). I also like your additions (though I'm sure granting anyone 'Genius' status could create an uncontrollable monster we may never be able to contain :rolleyes:).
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  5. TennisPro
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  6. kwai
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    I like levels that confuse: rubber duck, chicken, blue, aquifer.
  7. ralfkrippner
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    ralfkrippner Silver Member

    I think 3-5 levels would be O.K. and IMO they should be named in a creative way, so not just like metals, gems or so.
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  8. kwai
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    kwai Gold Member

    How about:
    Golf style. Lower score is better.
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  9. scoow
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    scoow Silver Member

    Then you can't add levels as needed later. Unless you want to go with negative numbers?
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  10. kwai
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    kwai Gold Member

    That would really throw people for a loop.
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  11. violist
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    violist Gold Member

    Just start with 123,456 and count backward ...
  12. Gargoyle
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    Gargoyle Milepoint Guide

    I like the idea that, once you reach a certain level, you get to make up your own title.
    The title would have to be vetted by the proper authorities, of course, but it will add a very nice personal touch.
  13. JALPak
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    That's a Platinum benefit if such level exists :rolleyes: Again no point of talking about it if they aren't giving away status higher than Silver.
  14. Tenmoc
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    Tenmoc Gold Member

    I've chosen to retitle gold to silver and therefore I have your status JALPak
  15. norge
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    norge Silver Member

    I think there should only be 2 levels, besides Guides of course. They would be "original member" and "member". The rest is just "fluff". K.I.S.S.
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  16. Grozzy
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    Then based on yearly # of posts:

    I don't think the "Random number" type threads should count towards status. There should be an emphasis on quality not quantity.
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  17. jbcarioca
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    The only Gold! Think of it. Your status makes you the #1 among us even if the levels are retitled.
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  18. Tenmoc
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    Tenmoc Gold Member

    And who is to determine what quality is?

    ban post count from off topic? What's the difference between a lounge thread in OT and one in an airline forum other than placement of the thread?
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  19. Jubileesmom
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    Jubileesmom Gold Member

    I agree:confused:
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  20. Jubileesmom
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    Jubileesmom Gold Member

    There are places for the "value" posts and places for the "fun" posts. You choose to view whichever, whenever. Have fun and enjoy whichever experience you choose. ;)
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  21. Jubileesmom
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    How about a "happy to still be alive and kicking" status? hehe
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  22. I would make a list of all the different names out there - like emerald / medallion / exec etc and not use them. also do not use names like leasure / backpacker because as people rightfully said: that is mixed message. milepoint newbie, milepoint xxx, milepoint yyy should be enough.
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  23. infoworks
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    Getting past silver will be nice!
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  24. Gaucho
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    I say keep things simple.... the current designations are fine.
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  25. milchap
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    How about getting of status? It is too distracting from the core activity of helping each other maximize our travel experience. I know this is not a popular suggestion.
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