SIN KF*G Lounge T2 vs T3

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  1. Saracen
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    As someone who inevitably gets stuck flying Y almost all the time, the SKL is a place I visit only on occasion. The KF*G lounge in T3 is reasonable, but not spectacular (I like being able to use the SKL in HKG!)

    Has anyone visited the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge in T2? How does it compare? Flying out tomorrow evening and was thinking of checking it out. I've lounge-hopped in SIN before; can that be done with a visitor too?
  2. SQ LPP
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    You can see a glimpse of KF Gold Lounge at T2 here.
    Comparable to T3 with no bath room inside the lounge. :)
    Or else, you can go to both, take some pictures for comparison, and post your opinion here. :) TIA.
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  3. MSPeconomist
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    Is there now a genuine *A Gold lounge in T2 or is it still the contract lounge?
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  4. cennas
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    A genuine *A Gold Lounge, diagonally across from the contract lounge. The new lounge has no toilet inside, in keeping with the current trends of new SQ lounges.
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  5. cennas
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    I haven't been to the new lounge in T2, having only passed by it a couple of times. Looks like a decent place, although a bit dark as there are no windows. The outside toilets probably haven't been renovated since T2 opened as it looks very old. At least in T3 there are bright areas and you get a view of the tarmac and nice, modern outside toilets.

    1 guest is allowed as per *G rules.
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