Sky Priority Fluke?

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  1. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    This is for the DL experts out there. My wife and I were unexpectedly given Sky Priority/Zone 1 Boarding on our flight earlier today.

    The flight was from DFW-MSP on a two class aircraft. We were in Y on a T fare. I barely have SM status, and she has no status. I have the DL AMEX Gold CC. I just booked another trip on DL Vacations yesterday, and I have three other trips planned with them (including a TATL business class trip). Would any of this have any effect? I wouldn't think so.

    On our trip down to DFW, we were both in Zone 2 and sans Sky Priority as expected. However, we had Sky Priority and Zone 1 printed on our BP's for today's flight. Fluke, or is DL being generous?
  2. jrp2

    jrp2 Gold Member

    When you say SM status, you mean silver medallion correct?
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  3. MSPeconomist
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    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    Whether Silver or through DL AmEx, the boarding should be zone 2. However, could there be exit row or bulkhead seat assignments? These reportedly sometimes result in an earlier zone because of luggage storage concerns and zone 1 might automatically print SkyPriority.
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  4. chaz4449

    chaz4449 Silver Member

    Yes, I meant Silver Medallion for the status.

    I was not in an exit row or bulkhead.

    I guess it's still a mystery...
  5. jrp2

    jrp2 Gold Member

    given the often flakiness of Delta's IT, nothing surprises me anymore.
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  6. LarryInNYC

    LarryInNYC Gold Member

    Who can say? I flew AA yesterday and we boarded in zone 2, which was very early in the boarding process given that there were few EXPs and no passengers boarded in zone 1. If I were developing the algorithm that calculates boarding groups and I detected something like that, I'd probably have the computer push some of the zone 2s furthest back in the plane up to zone1 and similarly move some of the later boarding passengers further back or in bulkhead seats up to zone 2 or zone 1, just to smooth the board process.

    Presumably something about your ticket or seat triggered a rule in boarding order algorithm that indicated the flight would get off faster if you boarded sooner.
  7. MSPeconomist
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    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    It's a good idea, but do we have any evidence that DL or other airlines are this sophisticated on boarding, versus the research studies about window seats first versus back to front versus random? If they do, there's still no reason to give SkyPriority benefits.

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