St. Regis Deer Valley evacuated

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    Wildfires in the Park City, UT area has forced evactuations at several ski resorts and residences including the St. Regis Deer Valley. I can't imagine a vacation turning into a potential nightmare by fire. I hope everyone stays safe. Details are minimal at this point. I'll post more when I hear.
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    I was in the area just last week - dry and lots of smoke/haze in the air from fires in the general area, but the specific fire in question had not yet started I believe. Hopefully it will be contained without causing too many problems to people or property.
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    There are several active fires burning in Utah and dozens all over the west. The fire near Park City raged out of control with high winds today, but now that night has come, winds have diminished, so hopefully firefighters will gain the upper hand. It appears that the St Regis is out of danger for now and evacuees have been allowed back, but the fire is still young.
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    Not SPG related, but when I was a teenager, my family went to Ocean City, MD for a week every summer. One year, there was a hurricane that was headed directly towards the area. The hotels were evacuated, and we were sent to a local school, which was acting as an evacuation shelter. After trying to sleep all night on a hard, concrete floor, they announced that the storm had turned back out to sea, and we could all go back to our hotels. We got back to our hotel, and promptly crashed into bed. Shortly after that, some damn punk kid pulled the fire alarm :mad::mad::mad::mad:, causing us to have to evacuate again, standing outside in the parking lot, waiting for the fire department to come do their thing. They determined it was a false alarm, and let us back in.

    So, it wasn't really a fire, but a false fire alarm and a hurricane. It's kind of funny now, but I'd still like to kill that damn kid.
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    Do not worry my friends, Miami beach is still there to enjoy. Forget the valley and have the fun in the Miami beach.

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    Welcome to MP, cornista !
  7. These kinds of accidents happens daily in the world. The main thing is that people should be very careful and should always be alert. They should know the precautions and measures that they should take while they met with these kinds of accidents. ........ :cool:

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