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  1. jmhuth

    jmhuth Silver Member

    My husband was targeted for this promotion which we signed up for:

    No time like the present — book now and complete an eligible stay¹ with us between December 1, 2012, and February 28, 2013, and we'll add a Free Weekend Night Award to your account, redeemable through February 28, 2014, at any of our more than 1,100 Category 1–6 hotels and resorts worldwide. No blackouts, no hassles.

    An eligible stay is one or more consecutive nights paying a qualifying rate in the same hotel, regardless of the number of check-ins or checkouts.

    Any tips on how to pay the least for the 1 hotel night that we must purchase?? I can't pass this up.. A free night at a Category 6 is just too good to pass up!

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. ballardFlyer

    ballardFlyer Gold Member

    Great promo! Curious - have you been staying at SPG less in 2012 than past years?
  3. jmhuth

    jmhuth Silver Member

    We are not frequent travelers...Usually 1 big family vacation per year, 2 or 3 weekend trips & usually a nice get away for the hubby and I somewhere. We stay usually less than a week at SPG properties a year. My hubby was targeted for this & not me. So we have never been frequent SPGers. Actually, I don't think we've ever paid for a night at any of the SPG locations that we've stayed at, just used points.
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  4. mrredskin
    • Original Member

    mrredskin Gold Member

    would be nice to get a promo like this sometime! i don't think i had an SPG stay last year. none of the promos enticed me to switch to a less convenient location.
  5. RestlessLocationSyndrome
    • Original Member

    RestlessLocationSyndrome Silver Member

    I don't think I have stayed much w/ SPG in the past year or so moving from Platinum down to Gold and soon regular Preferred. Maybe they'll finally give me a promo like this although I would say it's far more effective to use promos to retain customers rather than wait to lose them and then try to win them back.
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  6. marcwint55

    marcwint55 Gold Member

    send me a pm and I can give you advice
  7. kyunbit
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    kyunbit Silver Member

    I got a similar email but not as lucrative: Stay3 times to get 12000 points. Lucrative but nothing mattress run worthy I think.
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  8. Ednpub

    Ednpub Silver Member

    I got this offer too and just booked an $89 room. Hoping to parlay this into a great stay in Rome if the timing works out.
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  9. jmhuth

    jmhuth Silver Member

    Rome sounds wonderful! I've never been there! Someday!
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  10. EyeOnTheSkies

    EyeOnTheSkies Silver Member

    @William...are these valid at Limited Participation properties like Naka, Vana Belle, etc. or just plain old Cat 6s?
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  11. SPG Champion
    • Original Member

    SPG Champion Official Representative

    Only at Category 6 properties that have standard award availability.

    Best regards,

    William R. Sanders
    Social Media Specialist
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
  12. Jazzsadana

    Jazzsadana Active Member

    My Cousin Brother has been targeted for this promotion which he signed up for:

    Stay3 times to get 12000 points
    An eligible stay is one or more consecutive nights paying a qualifying rate in the same hotel, regardless of the number of check-ins or checkouts.
    He wont be travelling much by the end of next month,thats when the promotion ends for him
    I had major plans for 15 day tour or so and had thought anyway possible i could earn those points for him by staying,as i have to as it is,make bookings for my ownself

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Ednpub

    Ednpub Silver Member

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. Booked three nights at the Hotel Eden in Rome in late May. One free night from this promotion and two nights C & P (8k + 150us). Looking forward to it and really hoping to get a non-smoking room with a decent view. Thanks SPG!
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  14. zakami

    zakami Active Member

    How do I get in on this? Stop giving business to Starwood?
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  15. KathInJax

    KathInJax Silver Member

    It sounds like this is the Bonus Beginnings Promo. These are targeted to new members of Starwood.
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  16. Ednpub

    Ednpub Silver Member

    Yes, that's the name of the promotion I received.

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