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  1. Canarsie
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    This discussion is designed for those who are looking for a status match from the frequent flier loyalty programs of which they are currently members to the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan frequent flier loyalty program.
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  2. Golfingboy
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    The purpose of this post is to provide a one-stop location that will answer inquiring minds' question regarding status matching to Alaska Airlines' Mileage Plan program. The following information is based on our knowledge and experience, but does not serve as the official status matching program rules and Alaska Airlines can change the status match program rules anytime. This post only merely serves as a guideline and will be updated frequently as we obtain more information about Alaska Airlines' status matching program as well to include any future questions that may arise in this thread.

    What will my current status with _______ be matched to?

    Alaska Airlines will status match you from the following US-based frequent flyer program to the following elite level:

    American AAdvantage
    Executive Platinum------->MVPG

    Delta SkyMiles

    United Mileage Plus/Continental Onepass
    Premier Exec/Gold-------->MVPG
    Premier Exec 1K---------->MVPG

    US Airways Dividend Miles

    How do I request a status match?

    You will need to submit a copy of your most recent mileage activity statement or a copy of your current elite card, however I would strongly advise you to do both. Also to expedite the status match process, you should sign up for a Mileage Plan account here and be sure to include your Mileage Plan # along with the status match request.

    Include a brief note in your message indicating why you are requesting a status match, whether it be relocation, change in flying pattern, unhappy with your current primary airline, etc.

    There are two ways to submit your status match request.

    *Preferred Method*
    You can email the Mileage Plan department at with a copy of your most recent mileage activity statement along with a copy of your elite card.

    *Alternate Method*
    You can write a letter requesting for a status match and mail in your status match request with a copy of your most recent mileage activity statement along with a copy of your elite card to this address:

    Alaska Airlines Customer Care
    P.O. Box 24948 - SEAGT
    Seattle, WA 98124-0948

    Will Alaska Airlines status match me to MVPG75K?

    No, Alaska Airlines does not status match anybody to MVPG75K, to preserve the exclusivity of the top tier. The only way MVPG75K can be attained is by flying 75,000 miles on Alaska/Horizon in a calendar year or 90,000 miles on Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partners in a calendar year or 90 segments on Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partners in a calendar year.

    How many times can I do a status match with Alaska Airlines?

    Status matches are a once in a lifetime thing, so you can only status match once. Except in rare cases where Alaska will make an exception like dgreen12 mentioned below.

    NOTE: If you have any information about Alaska Airlines' status matching program, or if you notice any misinformation in this post, please do share and I will do my best to keep this post up to date.
  3. The Missy
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    can you remove the fax number? They are no longer publishing it, and don't want people faxing without having communicated first in some other way with an agent.
  4. Golfingboy
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    Done :)
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  5. gba
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    I just got a status match processed and did so by sending an email to, not the address listed in the top post (on the advice of a phone rep). I'm not sure which contact method is preferred, but the match is processed in less than 2 business days!
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  6. The Missy
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    Elite flyer is for specifically targeted matches. Unless you've been specifically directed to use that address, I'd use the one listed above
  7. jfhscott
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    I've had sucess with AS status matches - I had lost my gold status but they matched my UA 1K quite quickly.

    Was wondering if anyone knows if a match is a "once in a lifetime" match or if they will match multiple times?

    Thank you!
  8. Golfingboy
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    Once in a lifetime...
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  9. dgreen12
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    But with exceptions, maybe.

    When I was in Los Angeles (and a loyal UA elite), I signed up for a status match on AS because I read on another frequent flyer board that I could. And I never flew AS.

    Fast forward three or four years later, and I take a job in Spokane. Not much ability to fly on UA, and I had a boatload of accumulated miles on NW. So I flew NW (when travelling to the east) and AS for trips up and down the west coast and credited all the miles to NW.

    About the beginning of the next year, I was Gold on NW, but it wasn't doing me much good for trips on AS (that's back when they had the coupon approach to upgrades). So I requested a status match from NW to AS and was told "no", you had your one and only status match.

    Wrote a letter instead, and printed out all of the AS travel that had been credited to NW (which would have qualified me for AS MVPG had I credited it to AS) and sent it all off to AS.

    They made an exception to the normal rule and comped me to Gold again, and I've been Gold for the last four or five years.

    So, with the right facts and circumstances --- it's possible.
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  10. beckoa
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    That does seem to be one of AS' greatest strengths; human input. Its not just a form letter, cookie cutter answer. You can have a logical dialogue, and come to a rational answer. But there are some limits...
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  11. ballardFlyer

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    I'm just entry level Alaska MVP (not gold) and I'm curious if they will status match my current account to gold using one of my other loyalty accounts (DL Gold or US Gold)? Or is the match only for AS flyer have no current AS status? I haven't seen this answered anywhere yet.
  12. MilesToGoBeforeISleep

    MilesToGoBeforeISleep Active Member

    Two questions:
    1) Any experience on how quickly they match status? I have a flight next week wed I would love to take advantage of
    2) How long does the status last, I they match now, is it like qualifying this year, so that status is good until end of 2011?

  13. CDKing
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    1) It takes a few days and takes another week after that to propogate trough all the systems. I woldn't be to hopeful to get benefits working by next week.

    2) Match will be until the end of this year. I believe you have to wait on matching until Q4 before AS will match through 2012
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  14. James

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  15. Mackieman
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    Just fired off my request; thanks for putting this thread together.
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  16. geclub1
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    Thanks for the thread. I just emailed in my request. Will update timeline.
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  17. geclub1
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    geclub1 Silver Member

    Matched status shows online late night 1/11. Original request was sent on 1/5. A few days longer than others have reported, but I am happy.
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  18. ryandc99
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    I sent my request in a few days ago and I assume I haven't heard anything back due to the weather that probably has everyone working on that right now.
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  19. Golfingboy
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    Also, check your account from time to time to see if it has been updated to reflect your newly matched status. Getting the answer can be faster that way sometimes ;)
  20. ryandc99
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    I actually go the response via email Sunday, and instant MVP Gold.
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  21. MightyTravels

    MightyTravels Silver Member

    Quick question - if I buy trial preferred with US Airways will this be good enough for Alaska or will they want to see lots of activity?
  22. deosola

    deosola Silver Member

    I submitted my request to Status Match my account and I have still yet to hear from Alaska. Does it normally take more than a week before I see a status change?
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  23. Golfingboy
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    Check your account and see if your account shows your newly matched status. If not, you can write a follow up e-mail to Alaska to inquire the status of your request.
  24. The Mileage Millionaire
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    I received a status match to MVPG two days ago. When will my four guest upgrades be viewable in my account?
  25. ryandc99
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    Should be instant.

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