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  1. ella
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    I must admit I am somewhat geographically challenged on this trip. My itinerary has shown two different things.
    First time it showed leaving SFO on 10/26 arriving SYD 10/28.
    After I changed the return portion, the outbound was issued showing leaving SFO on 10/26 arriving SYD on 10/27.
    Everything I've seen says SYD is on other side of int'l date line from U.S. so arriving on 10/28 would be correct, yes?
  2. LIH Prem
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    When I did that flight on UA a couple of years ago, it was true, because the UA flights left SFO late at night, so the arrival date was technically +2 (relative to the local time/date of the departure) as you suggested.

    What flight are you looking at?

    Either way it's a 14 hour flight.

  3. ella
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    Thanks David. Sounds like basically the same flight I've booked. My flight is UA863 leaves SFO 10:59p and arrives SYD 7:25A. The +2 made sense on the arrival time, but then when they changed it to +1day then I started to doubt myself.
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    Multi-zone time changes make my head hurt, which is why I have a GMT watch, but how would this work in Australia? When it is, say, 12:00 noon on Monday in Sydney, what time / date is it in Los Angeles?
  5. trooper
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    For SYD to LAX you add 7 hours and subtract a day....

    So Noon Monday in Sydney is 7pm Sunday in LA...

    The date line is being mean to me this month... I fly out of LAX the night of the 27th... thus arriving at SYD the morning of the 29th... and the 28th is my birthday!!! :p
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  7. viguera
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    Firefox and FoxClocks are your friend. :)
  8. ella
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    Happy belated birthday, or Buon compleanno in ritardo. :D

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