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Tool for finding cheap flights from departure city without entering destination

Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by DAS02135, Feb 9, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. DAS02135
    • Original Member

    DAS02135 Gold Member

    Not exactly a mileage run question, but I think this is the most appropriate place...

    Is there a website I can use to find the least expensive flights from a departure city on a specific date? For example, if I want to see all the cheap flights departing from Boston next Friday so I can determine if any of them are warm and worth going to, is there a tool I can use?

    I was using FareCompare like a different thread suggests, but I cannot figure out to use specific dates.

    I also tried using Expedia's dream tracker, but all the pop ups on the map are a big pain in the butt.

    I've been hesitant to post this on Flyer Talk because I'm sure it's answered someplace and I did not want snarky 'use the search' responses. However, their forum search is not a great tool when they are so many posts...


    Here are some of the recommendations:

    Great for constructing a mileage run, but not (yet) friendly for just finding cheap flights for a quick getaway:
  2. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    Kayak Buzz works ok: http://www.kayak.com/buzz you can select upcoming weekends or specific months. Buzz can be found from the home page by clicking the More link, then Even More and finding Buzz.
  3. DAS02135
    • Original Member

    DAS02135 Gold Member

    Thanks! That works pretty well. Do you if there's a way to filter out airlines? For instance, if someone hates Delta :)
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  4. karenkay
    • Original Member

    karenkay Gold Member

    great tip, thanks, i hadn't seen this one! to the op, if you're using the farecompare tool (which is the one i've been using up to now) you have to input the dates after you've gotten the best fares from your chosen departure city.
  5. roadwarrior365
    • Original Member

    roadwarrior365 Silver Member

    Kayak Buzz is the best if you want to find specific dates. Fare compare works great for me to.
  6. jcmitchell21

    jcmitchell21 Silver Member

    Thanks for the tool, I like it alot better than fare compare
  7. Gnopps
    • Original Member

    Gnopps Silver Member

  8. al613
    • Original Member

    al613 Silver Member

    Farecompare lists filled prices. They might not be in the system yet or even never for your dates. Kayak buzz shows you what other users have found. These prices might be gone by now. But you can combine both tools :)
  9. Bobofoosh
    • Original Member

    Bobofoosh Silver Member

    I am NEVER able to book these tickets. Always a YQ surcharge or something else going on that makes these fares almost unusable for me.
  10. Gnopps
    • Original Member

    Gnopps Silver Member

    I prefer to use the Farecompare search rather than Buzz just because they list the fares without taxes & surcharges (which depend on routing). Buzz will only show a fare if it has come up in someone's search - if no one searched it it will not be shown (or?).
  11. Bobofoosh
    • Original Member

    Bobofoosh Silver Member

    I agree about Buzz. Sometimes a nice surprise, but not usually. Mileagebrain looks like it could be good as they fix the bugs. I know people in FT posted that it wasn't finding some of the better MRs.
  12. I've used Student Universe's FarePlay as well which has the same problems as Buzz- only get what people have found and often Student Universe's prices are higher; for many fares being a student is not required. Still, it has more specific geographic region options (Northern, Western, Eastern Europe etc.) which can be useful.
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  13. TrueBlueFlyer
    • Original Member

    TrueBlueFlyer Silver Member

    many people recommend the monthly search on www.skyscanner.net

    but personally I like an Australian site I found a while ago www.adioso.com it doesn't work for all airports but pretty cool nonetheless on routes where it does work
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  14. Sean
    • Original Member

    Sean Gold Member

    I've also never been able to book a ticket for the price quoted on farecompare, but it can still be useful for identifying a market that an airline is targeting with low fares. I think its major limitation is that is doesn't track availability, just which fares are filed. So it might see an L fare on United as filed but is L0 for the whole schedule.
  15. kyunbit
    • Original Member

    kyunbit Silver Member

    airfarewatchdog.com does a good job if your dates are not fixed.
  16. Sean
    • Original Member

    Sean Gold Member

    I can't tell if mileagebrain isn't working or if fare prices are just that high out of IAD.

    You mentioned HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED!

    RIP FDs, lest we forget....
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  17. spkg
    • Original Member

    spkg Silver Member

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  18. vbroucek
    • Original Member

    vbroucek Silver Member

    Just tried it and it failed really badly... [​IMG]
  19. vike
    • Original Member

    vike Silver Member

    Not bad. Should help with my trip to Europe in May.
  20. Bobofoosh
    • Original Member

    Bobofoosh Silver Member

    Maybe everyone else already realized this but buzz now has a map tool much like farecompare:

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  21. peteyboy100
    • Original Member

    peteyboy100 Active Member

    I could not agree with this sentiment more. I really hope MilePoint doesn't turn into the same place.

    Also, I use airfarewatchdog to achieve the goal that you are looking for. You can also enter just a destination with the same effect.
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  22. al613
    • Original Member

    al613 Silver Member

    Dog monitors forums. It's good for dog users. :)

  23. Sean
    • Original Member

    Sean Gold Member

    Not when deals are gone forever. Then its good for no one. The only one who came out ahead of the dog scandal was the dog himself with additional page views to his site. The FD disappeared shortly after he blogged about it. So even those who read his blog likely didn't get to take advantage of it. It was a shameless publicity grab.[​IMG]
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  24. al613
    • Original Member

    al613 Silver Member

    You are correct on this one.

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