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Trying to Make Sense of the US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard

Discussion in 'US Airways | Dividend Miles' started by DeacFlyer1, May 7, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. DeacFlyer1
    • Original Member

    DeacFlyer1 Silver Member

    I know there are some other Dividend Miles Mastercard threads floating around out there, but I haven't seen any of my questions directly asked or answered, so maybe this thread can serve as a reference for others in the future (provide someone knows the answer to these questions!).

    I've been considering the Premier World Mastercard for a while, but have a few questions, including:
    • Companion pass: The terms and conditions state: "The primary cardmember is eligible to receive one companion certificate valid for two $99 companion tickets." What the hell does that mean? I would only ever be traveling with my wife, so does that mean that I can get a companion ticket for her for $99 two different times? Or is that saying that you can get two $99 companion tickets, but you have to use them at the same time (meaning both $99 tickets are on top of one, and only one, fully paid ticket)? This is just horribly unclear language, and I would love some illumination. Basically, the question boils down to, if I get the card and travel with my wife, how many times in a year can I pay just $99 for her to travel with me?
    • Going along with the above, the terms and conditions state: "Minimum fare purchase of $250 required." I'm assuming from the language that the actual fare has to be $250...meaning a $220 ticket with $30 in taxes/fees (for a total of $250) would not qualify? Am I understanding this correctly? Because if that's the case, you're actually looking at a $280/$290 minimum ticket requirement here, instead of $250.
    • Blackout dates: The terms and conditions also state: "Other companion certificate restrictions apply including advance purchase requirements and black-out dates will be provided on the actual certificate." Ignoring the fact that the above is not a very well written sentence, does anyone have experience with what the blackout dates actually are? Is there no way to know when they are before you apply for the card and get the certificate?
    • Cancelling the card: I hate to keep harping on the Terms and Conditions, but I'm a cautious person, and again, they state: "Failure to pay the Annual Fee...may result in Account closure and forfeiture of these benefits (it's saying this in relation to bonus miles, miles earned, etc)." This statement is actually in boldface in the Terms and Conditions. Does anyone have experience with losing your sign-up bonus or miles earned if you cancel the card before paying the annual fee? This sounds rather ominous, and I'm not about to play this game if they're going to yank miles from me, or mess with my Dividend Miles account a few months down the road, because I cancel 10 months in before paying a fee.
    I'm sure I'll think of something else soon, as this stuff is really not clear.

    Thanks to everyone for the help!
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  2. JetsettingEric
    • Original Member

    JetsettingEric Silver Member

    1) / 2) For each $250+ ticket (i'm going to assume base fare to be safe, you do want to use these on high cost tickets) - you get up to 2 $99 companions. If you're only taken 1 companion on that reservation, you're forfeiting the other companion ticket
    3) There are specific blackout dates listed on the certificate. Around most major holidays (e.g. Friday/Saturday before 4th of July) - and certain events (Indianapolis is blacked out around the Indy 500), superbowl, etc. PM me if you want to check a specific date.
    4) This is more of the default language, in case you don't pay your bill. If no fee is due, there is no failure to pay.
  3. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  4. Dreamworks

    Dreamworks Gold Member

    So question peoples....

    I just cancelled my US Air MC after getting the bonus and kept it for almost a year. So I guess my question is, how long do I need to wait until I reapply?
  5. ChrisUNC

    ChrisUNC Silver Member

    You will need to read the fine print associated with the specific bonus offer you're looking to sign up for. Currently, Barclay's is including language that prevents you from getting the bonus if you ever had the US Airways MasterCard. This is buried deep in the T&Cs (towards the end). Interesting, the second sentence I highlighted in red uses the word "may"--which seems to have the potential to contradict the certainty of exclusion expressed in the first sentence I highlighted in red.

    New Account Bonuses and Awards: From time to time, Barclays may offer bonuses or awards of mileage credit or other premiums (for example, First Use Miles, First Use Certificates, and Promotional Companion Tickets) to new US Airways MasterCard Cardmembers. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, these bonuses and /or awards are intended for persons who are not, and have not previously been, US Airways MasterCard Cardmembers. You understand and agree that, unless otherwise stated, if this is your first US Airways MasterCard Account, once you become a Cardmember you are no longer eligible to receive these bonuses and/or awards for any new US Airways MasterCard account you open after this Account is opened. If this is not your first US Airways MasterCard Account, you may not be eligible for these bonuses and/or awards. If you receive a bonus or award for which you are not eligible, Barclays may direct US Airways to revoke the bonus or award, or reduce your mileage credit by the amount of the award, or charge your account for the fair value of the bonus or award, at our option.
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  6. Dreamworks

    Dreamworks Gold Member

    Oh. This defeats the purpose of churning I'm thinking. So maybe this is only for Barclay's?
  7. ChrisUNC

    ChrisUNC Silver Member

    I know Amex used to be different--not sure how they are today. But here's what happened to me:

    When I first signed up for an HH Amex, I earned 20,000 Bonus Points. A few years later, there was an offer to receive 40,000 Bonus Points. So, I signed up for that card. Amex awarded me the difference in points between the two offers (20,000 points, not the full 40,000). I was ok with this because this is how it was explained in the T&Cs for the offer.
  8. DeacFlyer1
    • Original Member

    DeacFlyer1 Silver Member

    So, I'm very close to pulling the trigger and applying for the card, but I'm still trying to figure out a couple things about how the companion certificates work. If I apply for the card today (as I'm considering doing), and I get the companion certificate in a few weeks...how do the dates on that certificate work? I've read, anecdotally, that depending on what time of year you apply for the card and receive your certs, that your window for the certs being valid/redeeming the certs could be very short. Is that true? Meaning, if I apply for the card today and receive the certs in September, for example, that they may expire or need to be used by the end of 2012, even though that's only a couple months after I receive them?

    I would think they'd be valid on a rolling-year basis, so that it wouldn't matter when I applied and when in the year I receive the certs, but I'm not sure if that's the case.

    Since it's already the second half of the year, and I may not get the certs until late Q3 or even Q4 if I apply now, do I need to wait until early next year (or some other time in the year) to apply for the card in order to give myself a longer window in which to use the certs? Basically, does it matter when in the year you apply?

    I would appreciate any clarification around these points...thanks!
  9. andy123

    andy123 Member

    It is for a year after your account anniversary. Not a calendar year. If you open your account on July 20, 2012, they will mail you the certificate and you have until July 20, 2013 to use it.
  10. knick1959

    knick1959 Silver Member

    Pardon me for piggy-backing on this thread ... but I have my own specific question about this card and it does compliment the questions already posed.

    In my readings from folks defending this card (ok, praising the benefits, so far this is my least favorite bonus card, and I sorta-kinda wish I would have went for something else), I keep hearing about an anniversary benefit of 10k additional miles. This, as an enticement to pay the annual fee. This wouldn't be a bad deal ... I was planning on canceling this card so as not to pay the next fee. However, a 10k bonus might help me put the miles I have to use.

    However, I do not see this benefit listed in the web pages for the offer that I saved at the time I applied (Feb 2012, I believe). And I don't see any mention of this in the current web page offer. Is this something that was offered previously and then removed? Or is this something that is assumed you are offered as a retention bonus if you call up to cancel? It's never described as such, so I assume the 10k anniversary offer was dropped before I signed up.

    Can anyone provide any detail? Thanks in advance.
  11. knick1959

    knick1959 Silver Member

    My questions have been answered in a similar thread:


  12. chanp
    • Original Member

    chanp Silver Member

    Can the $99 certs be used in any class? Like F, intl or domestic only?
  13. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    Domestic only....though if you have status, you are still eligible for preferred upgrades.
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  14. chanp
    • Original Member

    chanp Silver Member

    Thanks, no status. But thinking of getting 3 of us F tickets, as works out decently cheap.
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  15. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    Do they work on F tickets?
  16. chanp
    • Original Member

    chanp Silver Member

    Dont know, that was one of the questions I had. Any experience?
  17. Sean Colahan
    • Original Member

    Sean Colahan Gold Member

    I think it is only good for domestic economy....thats how I have used it in the past....though I could be wrong. Anxiously awaiting my companion cert for 2013 so I can book a flight.
  18. akcae
    • Original Member

    akcae Silver Member

    From the T&C on mine:

    "Certificate valid for roundtrip, coach-class travel within the contiguous 48 United States or from the contiguous 48 United States to Canada"
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  19. chanp
    • Original Member

    chanp Silver Member

  20. Mrlasssen

    Mrlasssen Silver Member

  21. Mrlasssen

    Mrlasssen Silver Member

    My fee is $89, what do you want for a sign up bonus?
  22. HoKo
    • Original Member

    HoKo Silver Member

    I thought this might be helpful:

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  23. freebird

    freebird Silver Member

    I signed up for a Barclay MasterCard recently with 40k sign up bonus, but they only credited 35k. I called US Air and they offered the same deal you mentioned: 35k sign up bonus with 10k anniversary bonus when $89 fee is paid ( $89 fee is waived for the first year). I'm happy with 45k miles. BTW, this is my first US Airways Barclay MasterCard.
  24. robertlitzinger

    robertlitzinger New Member

    I just went to plan a trip to Florida and put the ticket quantity for 1 adult, flight from Buffalo to Orlando, March 3 - 7th. It wants to use 20k points which is great. Now when I go back to book for two people (I want to use one companion certificate) it all of a sudden wants me to use 45k points EACH PERSON for the same flights and same days??? Now, I go back and switch the quantity to 1 and we are back at 20k points. So, I can go to Florida by myself for 20k points or take my wife and use a total of (45k + 45K) 90k points OR use 45k points for myself and pay an extra $99.00 for her using the two adults as the ticket quantity.........Why can't I use 20k points for myself and pay $99 for her??? The companion certificates are a scam. They work the quantity button to plan for you using the certificates. Try it out for yourself! It should make difference on how many tickets I want to buy. Again, my 4 options are below:

    Buy one ticket for 20K points and go alone
    Buy two ticket at once, use 45K points for first ticket and spend $99 on the companion ticket
    Buy two tickets at once, using 90K points------------(Maybe I should have financed my house on the card because I don't have 90K points)
    Buy one ticket, twice, at seperate times for 20K points each time, a total of 40K points, and the hell with the "$99 companion tickets"! Then cancel the card with the annual fee! Why is this the best option?
  25. akcae
    • Original Member

    akcae Silver Member

    What you're seeing is that there is only one ticket available at "low" mileage (25K, 20K for you with the US MC). If you search for two, the website will give you two at "high" (50K, 45K for you with US MC) since there aren't two at "low". You would likely not be able to find a second award at "low" after booking the first. So you COULD book one at low, then go back and book the other at high, total cost 70K (or 35K/person).

    You can't use the companion certificate online, nor can you use it with an award ticket. You have to call US, and book a revenue ticket for yourself in order to have a companion fly for $99+tax.

    There is no scam involved.

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