TSA K9 blowing smoke

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    What was this all about? Yesterday, ORD T2, a TSA guy wearing a casual jacket (not the usual uniform) with a TSA shoulder patch and the letters K9 imprinted about 10" high on his back was walking around the security lines holding up what looked like an electronic cigarette, smoke floating up from it. He announced a couple times that it was nothing to be concerned about, he was just testing the air flow. (and part of the time he was watching the smoke flow, the rest of the time he was joking with the other TSO's).

    What happens if air currents move differently than they are supposed to? Do the dump the terminal, or force the air through the body scanner?
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    Sounds like a genuine mystery for me.
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    Just testing the airflow my a$$
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    No, just testing the airflow from your a$$ ::p

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