TSA pre-screening program coming to United

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  1. Infinite1K
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    Infinite1K Silver Member

    Just got an email that I can apply for the TSA pre-screening program. Not sure if it is targeted or not, but if you login and and click on My Account, scroll down to Saved Traveller, you should see a TSA pre-screening program link.
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  2. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    I'm a Silver and I got it.
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  3. Jslo
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    Jslo Gold Member

    I got an email this morning from UA as well. I filled it out, including a space to add my Global Entry number. Said they would process and then contact.
  4. rggale
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    rggale Gold Member

    Does anyone know if you need to put those last digits separated by a few spaces in the global entry number field?
  5. unavaca
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    unavaca Gold Member

    They've been saying this for months. I won't buy it until I see it.

    FWIW, I put in my NEXUS card number. I don't have a card for Global Entry -- it's just a sticker on the back cover of my passport.
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  6. okrogius

    okrogius Silver Member

    The form to opt-in or to specify your nexus/sentri/global entry number has been there for months. I'm looking forward for the month when they start actually doing something with it (hopefully before the end of the year).
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  7. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    The number for GE is on the letter you can pull up in GOES.
  8. mattsteg
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    mattsteg Gold Member

    Excellent to see this starting to get traction on more airlines.

    With United (and US for that matter) eventually coming into the fold...the question needs to be asked: how is this best handled if you want to credit to another FF program or receive benefits from another FF program? Would the procedure be to go through security with your United number entered, and then switch at the gate?

    I suppose this issue might currently present itself with AS and AA/DL sharing elites, so it may be worth poking around there, but there's more incentive to credit to or receive benefits from obscure FF programs in Star than in oneworld or Skyteam.
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  9. downhillcrasher

    downhillcrasher Gold Member

    I just checked my fiancee's account (GM) and she has the link too. Seems to be there for everyone.
  10. chitownflyer
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    chitownflyer Silver Member

    I also got the email and already am enrolled in the Global Entry program. I do wonder when it will start for UA elites? Global Entry should automatically equal access to the TSA pre-screening program.
  11. goalie
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    goalie Gold Member

    Rec'd the e-mail as well and submitted (and fwiw, it looks just like the screen that was on the PMCO website as I did the submitted there when I established my OP account to match status to my 1k MP account)
  12. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Global Entry should already be active; it's not a function of your carrier. It's TSA pre-check that will require carrier support at terminals. Totally different infrastructure between the two.
  13. mht_flyer
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    mht_flyer Gold Member

    This link has been on UA(old CO) for several months.... I got the email and it just links to the same page that I already checked yes to a long time ago. I thought it was going to be something more, like a real application or something....
  14. chitownflyer
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    chitownflyer Silver Member

    Why not streamline it and make one infrastruture valid for both TSA and Global Entry?
  15. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    The field for Global Entry/NEXUS number should auto-populate.

    It is a real application... to be entered into the lottery. All the info about you is taken automatically for your M+ account, so there is really nothing else to input.
  16. lhrsfo
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    lhrsfo Silver Member

    Because that would require, on behalf of the Federal Government 1) joined up thinking and 2) a desire not to waste our money.
  17. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    That's silly. One is behind customs and immigration on inbound international flights (Global Entry).

    One is outbound on domestic flights (TSA pre-check).

    They are completely incompatible processes in every airport I've been in in the world.
  18. Mackieman
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    Mackieman Gold Member

    Well, it's more about intergovernmental stuff as was pointed out earlier by lhrsfo. The TSA PreCheck is a program run by the TSA, which is under the Department of Homeland Security. Global Entry is run by the US Customs & Border Patrol department, wholly different than DHS. Never the twain shall meet, unfortunately.
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  19. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    US Customs and Border Protection, I believe.

    And look at the logo in the upper right hand corner of their website.

  20. mattsteg
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    mattsteg Gold Member

    Global Entry is run by the CBP and the CBP alone. Precheck is run as a collaboration between the airlines and TSA. The "infrastructure" is shared in the sense that going through the process for GE or one of the other trusted traveller programs is enough to make you eligible for the precheck program, but you can also be eligible through your airline directly, and either way the airlines and CBP need to communicate regarding your eligibility and in some if not all cases travel history as well. All of this is well outside of the domain of the CBP, and I imagine will remain so for the foreseeable future.
  21. stephenbgarvan

    stephenbgarvan Silver Member

    HMM>>when I got Global Entry earlier this yaer,I received both the passport sticker and a card...I too got the email from COUnited yesterday ,filled it out for me & wife and it said -ok we wil file it and let you know.
  22. Minnesota Bruin
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    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

    I was told by the GE enrollment officer at LAX last week that GE approval included PreCheck as well but currently only when you fly AA out of LAX.
  23. KenInEscazu

    KenInEscazu Gold Member

    Not having GE caused me to miss a connection earlier this month, so I went to the page and applied for it (I think). It cost $100 to apply, but they didn't call it Global Entry. They called it Trusted Traveller Program. I'm 90% sure that I applied for the right thing, but it's a government page, so it was clear as mud. Can anyone ease my 10% concern that I may have applied for the wrong thing?
  24. rizwank

    rizwank Silver Member

    Yeah, this is just fluff. I've had the field populated; for a while now.

    Looking at the list of approved airports/terminals, I didn't see a single UA one there.
  25. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    You apply for GE, NEXUS and SENTRI, together known as Trusted Traveler Program, on the same web site (GOES). If it requested $100, then you did apply for GE, since the application fee for NEXUS, which I just went to an interview for last week in YUL and got the membership card yesterday, is $50. I believe that the fee for SENTRI is $125.25.

    Now, if you are a UA 1K or you have the AMEX business platinum card, you can have the application fee reimbursed.

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