UA intl flight canceled ... what sort of reimbursements can I expect?

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  1. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    Finally got an email response from United from my original email, only took 7 weeks ...

    Interestingly, they're offering a $1000 e-Certificate, though I'm not sure if that's per passenger or total. If it's per passenger, it actually beats the 600Euro cash compensation required.

    I sent a response asking for clarification, so I should hear back in September.
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  2. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    So I've been offered a $1000 eCert per passenger, meaning $2K (or 30K miles each which isn't worth that much to me).

    Is there anything I should know about UA ecerts? Are they as restrictive as Delta, in that I cannot transfer them? $2K is a lot to spend on an airline where I don't have elite status (though one of the relatives involved does have *G, as well as myself since I might use the eCerts).

    From what I can see from looking around, eCerts don't keep their residual value ... like if I had a $1000 eCert and spent it on a $600 fare, I wouldn't get to the keep the remaining $400. Is that correct?

    The 600 Euro pp would come out to just under $1500, but that's cash that's usable for more things (incl purchasing airfare on the AmEx which would be 4500 MR points, easily worth almost $100 to me).

    I'm thinking of just asking for the cash instead of the eCerts, even though it's $500 less. Is that crazy?
  3. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Are the eCerts restricted to domestic travel?
  4. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    I've looked around for generic eCert T&Cs and it seems so. That wouldn't be much of a factor, but if they really are one-use eCerts, then I'd be hard-pressed to find a route I fly that's worth >600 Euros per person. Can anyone confirm?
  5. genemk2

    genemk2 Gold Member

    There should be T&Cs specific to that E-cert. Did you receive them via email?
  6. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    I was offered the eCerts but haven't received them. I asked for the terms & conditions regarding them but it's been a day or so since I've heard from them.

    Since they're legally obligated to compensate in cash as an option, I wanted to see if the eCert deal was a good deal. Looks like it won't be.
  7. HeathrowGuy
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    HeathrowGuy Gold Member

    No, they're valid systemwide, and usable on many codeshare flights, too. Don't confuse the pre-merger UA e-certs with the new UA e-certs, which are basically the old CO certs which were very versatile and, now as then, retain residual value.
  8. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    FINALLY. More than 2 months after the flight and contacting United and I got the following in the mail today.


    The form was pre-filled out and has 600 Euros as the payable amount for each passenger.

    Now I just have to figure out how I'll deposit two 600 Euro checks at a US bank :)
  9. chrislacey
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    chrislacey Milepoint Guide

    You shouldn't have any issue depositing the checks at your bank. If it's a small bank it may take a week to clear. Way to be proactive and congrats on the outcome!
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  10. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    Thanks for that. Patience is necessary (especially with United).

    The best part is ... these were both award tickets! And the only reason they were on the FRA-SFO-LAX flight was because SHARES dropped the direct flight on LH during the transition and UA could only get us flights on their metal. :rolleyes:
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  11. OnTehWings
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    OnTehWings Gold Member

  12. sara lofer

    sara lofer New Member

    Hi! I had similar problems and I'm searching the CSM646 compensation claim form. Do you have the link or something? I can't find it in the United webpage.

  13. SC Flier
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    SC Flier Gold Member

    Without knowing exactly what your situation is, this might help...

    Same file with PDF form fields added is attached and also available for download here:

    Instructions say to fill out with BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

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  14. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    I received the form in the mail after I contacted United via email to start my claim. Once they agreed it was a valid claim, I got the claim forms.

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