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  1. UA Insider
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    Hi Everyone,

    We’re happy to be back in a position where we are able to re-introduce our website preview program for united.com. If you were already part of the continental.com preview program then you’ll automatically be in this program. If you were not already enrolled and would like to join, please send us a message with your MileagePlus number and we’ll get you signed up. We expect our next preview period to begin in early July. Once the preview site is live you will receive an email giving you the site link and features to look for.

    Carlos F.
  2. davef139

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    What is this? I am interested.
  3. Wandering Aramean
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    They set up a copy of the website with whatever updates are coming and demo it to interested parties so we can tell them what to fix before it actually goes live. Whether those things actually get fixed before the release or not is a whole different issue but it is occasionally useful to see what the new features are and put them through the paces.
  4. kwai
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    How about granting me the 1400 miles I'm owed before you decide to make that craptacular system, ahem, better!!!!
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  5. From NYC
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  6. wanderwoman
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    A lot of us have outstanding, uncredited miles. It just takes a constant effort to keep calling, keep emailing, and keep faxing those requests. From 9 flights outstanding, I'm down to two that I haven't received credit for. LH of course.
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  7. dayone
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    How about we stay on topic?
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  8. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    I recall hearing about that occasionally on FT, but I don't recall if that site is "live" (i.e., I can book real flights, assign real seats, ...) or uses a copy of the actual database. Also, what's the feedback mechanism -- random threads here or something a bit more formal and "trackable"? I am dreaming of a bugzilla.united.com instance, but realize that's probably not going to be the mechanism.
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  9. TravelerRob
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    Typically the feedback is via social media like FT or MP. Most people will post in the "Preview" thread (like this one) with their feedback. It's up to the moderators to keep the threads on topic so that instead of turning it into a "Hey, why haven't you posted my flight miles?" thread it stays more to the topic like, "Hey, when I enter NYC as a search city the site no longer understands it and throws an error."

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  10. From NYC
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    Yes, it’s “live” with bookings that stay booked, at least in my experience.

    Further, in the past, there was a click option in the upper right hand for supplying feedback directly to UA, without having to go through any social media.
  11. edcho

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    For example, this was the last set of changes available on the preview site:

  12. Wandering Aramean
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    Generally the site has been live. For the PSS migration it was not, but that's the only time I remember such a setup. Doesn't mean it actually is the only time that was the case, but that's what I remember.

    Historically there was a link at the top of every page to provide feedback via a web form submission. I have reported a few bugs and some of the time it has resulted in an email exchange going over the details and other times it went off into the ether where I assume someone eventually addressed it.

    ETA: Clearly From NYC and I have similar memories. Perhaps too many days out drinking together, but I'd like to think that we're still running on separate brains for the most part. :oops:
  13. ssullivan
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    Your recollections match mine 100%.
  14. seemoi88

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    I would like to enroll.
    Thank you
  15. secretsea18
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    Do you want a Private Conversation here on MP or an email message to UA.com?
  16. 8MiHi

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    I think the posters here would give a new website a thorough and rigorous workout. United would get more than their money's worth in strong and (most likely) constructive opinions. I'm in.
  17. UA Insider
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    From NYC,

    You are correct, the site should be used for all your transaction and there will be the same familiar feedback mechanism on the site.


    Yes Please PM me your MileagePlus number to be added.

    -Carlos F.
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  18. goalie
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    Silly (a bit too much wine with supper induced) question....

    Sent my request but how do I know it's been accepted and what's the address for the preview site
  19. secretsea18
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    Not a silly question... I have the same question.
  20. Wandering Aramean
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    The preview site isn't always active but when it was the URL was historically http://preview.continental.com. I would imagine that http://preview.united.com will be used going forward. As for being accepted, I suppose you'll find out next time the site is online. ;)

    No, seriously, that's how I found out back in the day. :oops:
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  21. chrislacey
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    chrislacey Milepoint Guide

    Looks like http://preview.united.com is currently active. I wasn't a preview person before, but did send my request today to UA Insider. Looking forward to seeing the changes! :)
  22. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    I didn't see anything obvious in a quick glance at the site.
  23. rggale
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    My quick glance yielded a more prominent display of the mileage expiration date.
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  24. UA Insider
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    As you guys have noticed the preview program is live.

    The big change is a new MileagePlus Award re-pricing feature. This allows you to change the date/time, routing, destination, and mileage level of any MileagePlus award ticket online. This includes itineraries that contain flights operated by all Star Alliance members and most other airline partners.

    Also, if you submitted your request to be in preview after June 28th you will not be able to access preview yet, but we are working on getting you loaded.

    Carlos F.
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  25. Stephen
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    Yes indeed it does have a listing of mileage expiration date.

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