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  1. Desidivo

    Desidivo Silver Member

    I have a few global premier upgrades left that I would like to use up for this year. I call UA and told the agent I wanted a fare that I can upgrade on a flight to NRT. I was told by agent that W is the upgradable fare class. After booking my flight, she said she was going to apply the upgrades. After about 30 minutes on hold, we got disconnected. I called back ask to have my GP upgrades applied. Since my flight connects via IAH (I did it for the extra miles), it looks like only first leg is upgraded. The rest is wait listed. Two questions:
    1) Will my GP upgrade be wasted if I don't get the upgrade to NRT or can it be converted to normal RP upgrade?
    2) How do I figure out what my chances are for the upgrade?
    3) I remember a few people saying they got their upgraded forced. How would I go about getting that?
  2. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    If only the non-BusinessFirst (BF) segment clears then the upgrade is returned to you. It is still a valid GPU at that time and you can use it again. The domestic upgrade is a freebie.
    Got a magic 8-ball??
    If you see R inventory available you can theoretically call and ask. Some agents will do it and some won't. Other than that not really much to do.
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  3. Desidivo

    Desidivo Silver Member

    Sorry as I am learning. How do I check for R inventory? I put in R as fare class and the united website say it is not a valid fare.
  4. traveltoomuch

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    Wandering Aramean gave the correct answer. You get the GPU back, but the GPU is tied up until after the day of the flights.

    Another option: if you're still within 24 hours of ticketing, you could cancel and rebook on a day/routing that has confirmable space.
  5. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    Most of the details are here:

    You need to enable "expert mode" on your account which can be done here: and which is explained here:
  6. NYCUA1K

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    There is no way that I am aware of to figure out what one's chances to clear upgrades are, but based on my experience so far, one's UG chances with UA are very good. As for "forcing" upgrades, you have to be vigilant, by which I mean the following.

    Twice now, I did not even bother checking the R space. For my EZE-IAH flight last month, I got an email from UA within the 24hr window informing me that I had been waitlisted. I looked at the seat map and 8 BF seats still appeared unoccupied. I got on the phone with the 1K desk and asked why I had been waitlisted with 8 BF seats shown as unclaimed less than 24hr before departure. The agent put me on hold for a few minutes, came back and told me that I had been upgraded. The very same thing happened last week for my LHR-IAD flight, except that 11 BF seats were shown as unoccupied. A call to the 1K desk got me one of the BF seats within minutes to preserve my record of clearing 100% of the upgrades this year. For my last intl trip to SIN in Nov, I am almost there:

    JFK-LAX (p.s.) - UG cleared
    LAX-NRT (B787-8) - UG cleared
    NRT-SIN (B777-200) - UG cleared
    SIN-NRT (B777-200) - Waitlisted
    NRT-LAX (B787-8) - Waitlisted
    LAX-JFK (p.s.) - UG cleared

    The seat maps for the two waitlisted flights look quite favorable, so I like my chances to go the whole year without failing to clear a GPU.That is my basis for saying that your chances are good, although, admittedly, some routes are tougher than others. However, I cleared every segment of HKG-SFO-JFK for a Jan 2014 trip at booking and that is supposed to be a 'tough' route...;). I like your chances. Just go for it, especially since the GPU will be returned to you if the BF upgrade does not clear.

    Good luck!
  7. Desidivo

    Desidivo Silver Member

    Awesome dude. I can now see what everyone is talk about with R (wish I had know this before I booked). I owe you a beer or beverage of your choice the next time you are in NJ/NY area.
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  8. Wandering Aramean
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    Wandering Aramean Gold Member

    I live in NYC, which means I'm never there. ;)

    Happy to help.
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