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Using US Airway miles for hotel stays or other perks?

Discussion in 'US Airways | Dividend Miles' started by nolamom, Oct 26, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. nolamom

    nolamom Silver Member

    From what I can tell, Dividend Miles cannot be used for hotel stays? Or am I missing something?
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  2. javacodeguy

    javacodeguy Gold Member

    A bit odd, but after looking around looks like you're right.

    All I could find was exchanging on Points.com. But the exchange rate to move from DM -> Priority Club is pretty atrocious.

    Maybe some people with more knowledge can think of a better way to use DM for hotels.
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  3. nolamom

    nolamom Silver Member

    Thank you! I need to get creative around this hotel thing so will check out some other forums, too.
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  4. chontzy

    chontzy Silver Member

    Bummer. I was trying to do a similar usage with American miles. Don't think they allow it either.
  5. gleff
    • Original Member

    gleff Co-founder

    American definitely allows redemptions for other forms of travel besides air.

    It is rarely ever a good deal to use airline miles for hotel/car.
  6. viguera
    • Original Member

    viguera Gold Member

    Definitely... As I posted elsewhere AA does miles / miles & cash for hotels and cars, or the ground portion of a full trip when using aavacations.com

    And I agree the rates are pretty bad since you have to cash in 100 miles to get $1, but if you're sitting on a stash of AA miles and have nothing better to do with them it's better than nothing.
  7. nolamom

    nolamom Silver Member

    Yes, i've done hotel nights with "stray" miles (aa, dl) but now understand it is not the best value. Still a newbie to all this...but learning. Thanks...
  8. chontzy

    chontzy Silver Member

    thanks for the follow up info. i may use some aa mile for a couple of nights before the year is out.
  9. nolamom

    nolamom Silver Member

  10. KyRoamer
    • Original Member

    KyRoamer Gold Member

    I use my Starwood card. Can get a 25% bonus when to trade for AA miles plus have the Starwood hotels available. Over the years I've gotten some great hotel values --3 to 5 cents per point on straight points and over 6 cents on cash and points.

    One warning Starwood transfers take several days and often you cannot hold flights that long. You really have to transfer in advance of calling for seats. That can be risky and leave you with points stranded somewhere. Only Amex points have instant transfer to multiple airlines.
  11. cvarming
    • Original Member

    cvarming Silver Member

    Chase ultimate rewards can also be moved instantly into airline programs.
  12. KyRoamer
    • Original Member

    KyRoamer Gold Member

    But it has so few programs. Starwood has Delta, US Airways and American just to name a few.

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