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Voucher : 5000 or 10000 points?

Discussion in 'IHG | Rewards Club/Ambassador' started by Rosalia, Jan 10, 2013.  |  Print Topic

  1. Rosalia

    Rosalia Silver Member

    I have heard that some RA members have received a voucher of 10K points with their pack and others simply 5000. Who could explain this? thanks for the information.
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  2. DJP_707
    • Original Member

    DJP_707 Silver Member

    I got a couple months till mine renews. But I too have seen reports of 10,000 points. ???
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  3. I think I am seeing a trend of sorts with the voucher. I believe referrals/new RA's may only be getting 5000 while renewing RA members seem to get 10K. Haven't seen enough quantitive evidence to verify the trend but it is there
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  4. Rosalia

    Rosalia Silver Member

    guinnessxyz, you might be right, I referred a friend and he just received 5000 points.
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  5. TheBeerHunter
    • Original Member

    TheBeerHunter Silver Member

    I got a 10K voucher with my RA renewal.
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  6. Rosalia

    Rosalia Silver Member

    How long have you been waiting for your pack to come? More than 7 weeks passed and I am still waiting !
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  7. TheBeerHunter
    • Original Member

    TheBeerHunter Silver Member

    Got mine within 2 weeks. I am US based though.
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  8. 10 K for RA renewal Jan US based also
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