Watch 90sec video for 1,000 PC points!

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  1. Get 1,000 points just for watching a 90-sec video. Also, if you fill out an application for the Chase Visa Priority Club Rewards and get approved, you will receive 60,000 bonus points after your first use of the card.

    Message me for the link to the video and the code.

    Please note: Only one code per PC member if you already got a flyer from another property or online it will not work again even if the codes are different. I know, those cheap-o's.
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  2. Still have codes for PC members that have not got theirs yet. 1,000 is more than my coke rewards is giving! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!
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  3. We are sorry, our system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. :mad:
  4. chef4u
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    chef4u Silver Member

    Please send link/code. Most appreciated
  5. DealsRock

    DealsRock Silver Member

    I'd like a code please. Thanks!
  6. DJP_707
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    DJP_707 Silver Member

    Thanks for the link worked perfectly and points posted instantly. P.S. the video is the offer for the 80,000 point chase card after first use.
  7. 80,000?!? It was 60,000 on the back of the voucher, no wonder their site keeps bonking out. I wish I could sign up again. When I signed up for the card 4 years ago it was free trial of Netflix and 12,000 points.
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  8. DJP_707
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    DJP_707 Silver Member

    The page the link brings you too says 60K, but the video and the page that comes up at the end says 80K
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  9. viguera
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    viguera Gold Member

    I just got one of these for my latest stay yesterday at a PC property. I guess they're giving these away nowadays to encourage people to join or something?
  10. canucklehead
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    canucklehead Gold Member

    If you have a code left, I would appreciate it!

  11. Please send me the code please
  12. I'm here! :)
  13. Travis Swanson

    Travis Swanson Active Member

    Would love the code, if you have anymore left. Thanks!
  14. cheryld
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    cheryld Silver Member

    Hi, I would love one for DH's account if you still have some available. Thank you for posting!
  15. Yes they are. I am giving out codes here for people who may not visit a property while the promotion is going. Since the codes are unlimited, (limited by only how long it takes my manager to give me more books of them) I am pretty much sharing the wealth.

    To anyone still needing a code please message me so I don't forget who I already gave codes too, and I should have more books tomorrow. So I will get to you promise!
  16. Chimpy
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    Chimpy Gold Member

    Thank you very much for the code devisissy :)
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  17. PM sent, waiting for the code, please! Thanks!
  18. akuroda

    akuroda Active Member

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  19. vkwic

    vkwic Active Member

    Please send link/code
  20. Jumping Jehosaphat
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    Jumping Jehosaphat Silver Member

    Messaged you! I would love some PC points!
  21. Did I get everyone? Anyone got any friends that need codes? This has to be good PC points karma right? LOL!
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  22. Thanks devisissy for the codes. 1 of them did not work, can u send 2-3 more for my friends!
  23. clive32

    clive32 Member

    I'd like a code please. Thank you!
  24. bxs

    bxs Member

    Hi devisissy,

    can you share the love with the links and code thanks??
  25. powerslide

    powerslide Active Member

    I'll take a code if you have any left. Thanks!

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