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Ways to earn more United/ Continental miles ( asides from flying )

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by MLW20, Feb 8, 2011.  |  Print Topic

  1. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    Was wondering if anyone had ideas how to get more United/ Continental miles if you've had all of the credit cards? It used to be easy to get some Continental miles with the Chase debit card offers but those seem to be over...

    Just trying to see if I missed out on anything that someone else may have figured out.
  2. Xyzzy
    • Original Member

    Xyzzy Gold Member

    The OnePass and Mileage Plus shopping malls have some pretty good mileage-earning deals for a wide range of :)n-line merchants.
  3. iceman77_7
    • Original Member

    iceman77_7 Silver Member

    Valentine's Day is coming up, you can earn 30 miles/$ through FTD. Link's on the UA homepage. It's not as good a deal when you factor in shipping/handling is another $10-25, but I'm getting 900 miles for about $45 total. Of course, I also get the added benefits from giving my girlfriend roses for Valentine's Day though. [​IMG]
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  4. mundosurfer
    • Original Member

    mundosurfer Gold Member

    I will be getting bonus points from the gf as well
  5. DAS02135
    • Original Member

    DAS02135 Gold Member

    You can join MileagePlus Dining (an iDine program). http://mpdining.rewardsnetwork.com/

    You get 3-5 miles for each dollar spent at participating restaurants, and sometimes more with bonuses.

    In addition to restaurants in my home city, use MP Dining sometimes to pick out places to eat while traveling.
  6. Gtitan
    • Original Member

    Gtitan Gold Member

    I know not super popular for a variety of reasons, but there is good ol' "Emiles"
  7. Cuse44
    • Original Member

    Cuse44 Silver Member

    Currently, Continental is offering their Mileathon Promotion which nets you bonus miles based on certain activities you complete (in addition to flying, you can earn points for hotel stays, car rentals, signing up for the Presidential Plus or OnePass Plus card, etc.) Check out the T&Cs here Continental Mileathon.
  8. iceman77_7
    • Original Member

    iceman77_7 Silver Member

    I've also done the Netflix thing as well. You typically get a free period and then just have to pay for a few months to get the miles. I actually enjoyed Netflix so much that I kept the subscription for almost a year.
  9. DAS02135
    • Original Member

    DAS02135 Gold Member

    With emiles, how many miles do they typically offer? I just saw the website for the first time, and it doesn't give any indication.
  10. Steve GadFly
    • Original Member

    Steve GadFly Gold Member

    e-miles is typically about 5 or 10 miles at a time and once you reach 500, you can transfer them into a FF program. It's very slow going for sure!
  11. neil
    • Original Member

    neil Silver Member

    Gonna use FTD for flowers for the wife.

    No bonus points from the wife.
  12. thetenken
    • Original Member

    thetenken Silver Member

    You can also earn promotional miles through the United promotions page for cruises and vacations. Another popular way to earn miles is through transferring hotel points into miles, or earning miles through hotel stays and car rentals. Hilton offers 500 bonus miles per stay with their double dip program. You can find out more mileage earning opportunities here:

  13. bmg42000
    • Original Member

    bmg42000 Gold Member

    Or 25 (or 50 points per $ with the CO MC) on the continental website . Its good for 1800flowers.com also.
  14. MLW20
    • Original Member

    MLW20 Gold Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. I used to do e-miles but it took forever to earn miles and then the transfer rules got annoying.... I was hoping to find an easy way to get chunks of miles ( ex- Chase checking account for 25000 miles )
  15. Wanaflyforless
    • Original Member

    Wanaflyforless Silver Member

    "Shop at any ShopOnePass merchant and use your Continental Airlines Chase credit or debit card to earn twice the miles when you link from continental.com to your favorite merchant."
    If you have a CO card, Teleflora, FTD, and 1800Flowers are all offering 50 miles/$ spent. So basically you can buy miles for 2 cents each and get free flowers/gifts as gravy!
  16. Sean
    • Original Member

    Sean Gold Member

    You could transfer some miles from you Amtrak account to CO, but who knows how long that deal will last considering United removed the ability to transfer points a while ago.
  17. penumpang
    • Original Member

    penumpang Gold Member

    Mypoints.com is another one. When you click on the emails they send you, you get 5 points. If you do surveys, you get 10-75 points. For 5,100 points you accumulate, you can redeem 2,500 UA miles or 10,000 points for 5,000 UA miles. You get 750 points for joining through United.com (under Shopping with our retail partners --> Promotions in the Earn Miles section)
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  18. chitownflyer
    • Original Member

    chitownflyer Silver Member

  19. ifly153
    • Original Member

    ifly153 Gold Member

    I always check out the rental car promotions page on .bomb before making my reservation: http://www.united.com/page/article/0,6722,1255,00.html

    In December, I was about ready to book at Thrifty and then I checked the promotion page, saw an Avis promotion, saved 15-20% on the rental and got 2,500 miles.

    Actually, Thrifty's deal of 1000 bonus miles for 3 days rental is one I use quite often. They don't usually post it automatically, but I just request it through their website and have always gotten it.
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  20. sun
    • Original Member

    sun Silver Member

    You can get 2k CO miles for a sharebuilder account. Sign up and buy any stock. There are many codes floating around for commission free real time/automatic investment trades. See http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1052578/ or http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1064693/
    There's e-rewards for surveys. You can redeem up to $100 for 2k CO miles every 6 months. You also get 250 miles for completing your first survey.
    Getting the first 1k miles from e-miles is very easy because of their signup offers and a free trial from adobe connect which only needs your email address. After crossing 1k it becomes very tedious unless you do some donations/purchases through them.
    You can double dip with netflix. Sign up with CO membership now. A few months later, sign up with UA membership and maybe your work address and a different credit card.

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