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  1. Muerz

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    My brother flew from LAS to FRA via EWR on January 5 and had a terrible flight. On Friday 4th late evening his flight 50 EWR-FRA was cancelled and replaced with flight 1750 now using a PMUA 763 2-class plane but schefuled for the same departure time.

    When he arrived in EWR, 1750 had already been delayed because of aircraft servicing. Once boarding had been completed, the delay grew even bigger because maintenance hadn't repared the plane. BF cabin had to deboard again as mechanicsneeded to work on a piece below this cabin.

    That's when the mood in the Y cabin turned sour since many of those passengers wanted to deplane as well but were not allowed. An unruly passenger in Y started screaming he did not want to fly in a broken plane and that they were going to crash. He and his family were eventually removed from the plane by the captain and TSA. The flight left with around 3 hours delay.

    Unfortunately, the troubles did not end there. I suspect the plane was also seriously miscatered since passengers in the last few rows were not served a regular meal but only an inedible wrapped Cheeseburger (the same they sell on domestic flights?). Water supplies aboard were almost depleted once breakfast service started, most certainly because of water service during the delay on the ground. Breakfast service for the last rows of Y consisted of Crackers instead of the usual fruit/croissant combo (IMHO, the crackers can't be worse than the disgusting pastry they call croissant but that's another problem). The crew itself, it appears, did not have a stellar day as well.

    To be honest, I think he should be entitled to compensation, even though UA already sent a compensation offer for 7000 miles because of the cancelled UA50 he was originally booked on. What do you guys think? Would you write Customer care?

    Also, how is it even possible to miscater this flight on a smaller airplane than what originally was scheduled (764).
  2. Scottrick
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    I would rephrase the letter if you request compensation. It would also help if your brother complained, not you. Something along the lines of this:

    Stick to the relevant facts and what you want to get out of the complaint. I've edited this after realizing that the only complaint was for EWR-FRA, not LAS-EWR. No need to bring up the first flight if it wasn't an issue.
  3. Ygor
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    MX Delays happen, unfortunately. The pax in Y flipping out is not really the fault of the airline. The only legitimate complain is if your brother did not get the food he was supposed to, but a crappy burger is probably the regular meal. Sounds like the breakfast was not the right stuff. I would write them without a lot of emotion and a lot of facts, and maybe you get something, but I would not expect much. Sometimes flying is a poop shoot.
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  4. Phorever

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    The question here is: how was the boarding process?

    (Snark Snark) ;)
  5. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Uhmm, yeah. I don't see any problems with the first flight from LAS to EWR, unless I am completely misreading the OP's post. UA50 and the replacement UA1750 were both EWR-FRA. So you might want to fact-edit your proposed letter :)
  6. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    Was your brother in the last few rows that were affected by the mis-catering? If not, I don't think he should request compensation for that.
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  7. Scottrick
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    He complained about the equipment change and said he got some bonus miles for that. I thought it worth mentioning since a rep might look at those miles and think they were for EWR-FRA, when really the point of the letter is to ask for additional and separate compensation.

    But otherwise you're correct. He got to EWR on time. Specific equipment types aren't promised.
  8. Scottrick
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    I agree with this, too. If your catering was okay, then the only real issues are a "routine" mechanical issue, which happens, and a passenger disruption, which is not United's fault.
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  9. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    From the OP:

    "My brother flew from LAS to FRA via EWR on January 5 and had a terrible flight. On Friday 4th late evening his flight 50 EWR-FRA was cancelled and replaced with flight 1750 now using a PMUA 763 2-class plane but schefuled for the same departure time. "

    The equipment change, as I read this, was on EWR-FRA, not LAS-EWR. UA50 (a 764) was replaced with UA1750 (a 2-class 763). I see no indication in the OP that there was anything wrong with the LAS-EWR leg.
  10. Scottrick
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    Ah, my mistake. I misread.
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  11. KenInEscazu

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    I got delayed overnight one time in Houston due to a combination of MX/Drunk Passenger/Crew timing out. My compensation was a crappy hotel room, for which I had to stand in line for an hour and a half (they put all 200 of us in the same dump). Then they booked me non-stop the next day to my destination instead of my booked connection through Denver, even though the day was already a total loss for me. I didn't get ORC, either. End of rant.

    The bright side is that this was pre-merger CO. I wrote a short, factual complaint about the way they mishandled the timing out issue (we were taxiing when they realized it, so we had to turn around for the third time) and the lost day of work. Not only did I get get a personal letter referencing my specific complaints, but they included a $200 e-cert that I hadn't even asked for. This was less than 3 years ago. Things change quickly, huh?
  12. HaveMilesWillTravel
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    With pre-merger UA you would have gotten the same $200 cert for a broken reading light :)
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  13. emwitty

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    Word. Pre-merger UA was HELLA generous. In one example, I was only slightly delayed at LGA once and I jokingly said to an RCC agent that I was in such a rush to get back to nothing important said she felt sorry and out-of-nowhere gave me a $400 voucher. And that's not counting all the other stuff I miss, like zero-cost same-day-standby for everyone.

    However, in contrast to Ken's story with CO, I used to write a lot of feedback to UA, which in response was frequently met with very handsome voucher compensation amounts, but at the same time, an often incorrect characterization of what I had written, making me wonder if they had even read what I wrote. But then again, I do know pre-merger UA really did glean a lot of useful information from its surveys even if not its e-mails. So often I would use both channels.
    I really do mourn the loss of those comprehensive surveys.
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  14. KenInEscazu

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    See? That's why we're all called "over-entitled" now. ;)

    Last year they seemed to try to under-entitle us to make up for it. Things do seem to be improving overall, so I'm just hoping that this is the year that they find the proper balance.
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