What Do You Do When You Application Is Pending Approval?

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  1. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

    I just applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and got a "pending approval" response.

    I've read that there's a "reconsideration line" that you can call if your application gets denied, but what, if anything, should you do when you apply for a card and it says your application is pending and that you might have to wait up to 2 weeks for an answer?

    Do you call the reconsideration line or the application status phone number to inquire? If so, when should I call? The same day, the next day, 4 days?

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  2. edekba

    edekba Gold Member

    Did you apply like 16min ago? If so I like to give them 24hrs before I call; i've called right after and the CSR didnt even see the application yet.

    In any case you should call the Reconsideration for PERSONAL cards I listed below, since CSP is a personal line of credit.

    800-436-7927 – Application Status (automated)
    888-245-0625 – Reconsideration (direct to a Credit Analyst for PERSONAL cards)
    800-453-9719 – Reconsideration (direct to a Credit Analyst for BUSINESS cards)
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  3. Million Mile Secrets

    Million Mile Secrets Silver Member

    I usually call within an hour of applying if my application is pending with Chase so that they can process it.
  4. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

    Thanks. What do you usually say when you call? I've never done this before so I'm not exactly sure what I should ask.
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  5. IkeEsq

    IkeEsq Gold Member

    "Hello, I am checking on the status of my application."

    They then ask you personal information to authenticate you and explain the application status and may ask questions, either from the application or otherwise.
  6. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

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  7. sicemdawgs

    sicemdawgs Silver Member

    I would call the reconsideration line right away (888-245-0625). I did that with the Hyatt card within a minute and was approved in a couple of minutes. I asked them to take some CL from another card and move it to the Hyatt. They did, and I received the card today.
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  8. MDDCFlyer

    MDDCFlyer Silver Member

    I always call Chase, not immediately but within a few days. Always worked for me. Be ready to offer options of moving CL, or in worse case closing a card if that would not do. Some of the times after offering moving a CL, I got approved with a new CL (no transfer needed) anyway.
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  9. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

    Hmm. So I called yesterday and they said that it would take up to 2 weeks to process the application. They couldn't provide any additional details, even after I asked if there was a way to shorten the time, or if there was anything I could do or information I could provide. They basically said, it'll take up to 2 weeks to process. I called again just now, to see if there was a different response, but I got the same answer.

    It seems that I'm in some-sort of limbo-zone in that I don't know whether it will be approved or denied, and may not get that answer for 2 weeks.
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  10. Sunshine7

    Sunshine7 Silver Member

    The same thing happened to me when I applied for the CSP, I think. They took FOREVER (two-three weeks), but ended up lowering the credit limit on one of my other Chase cards and then approving me. I called several times and customer service wasn't any help. Admittedly, I didn't know about the reconsideration line at the time, but I did call the toll free number connected with the application.
  11. deant
    • Original Member

    deant Milepoint Guide

    Did you call the number that sicemdawgs provided? They have always been able to make a determination for me.
  12. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

    Yeah, that's the number I called.
  13. Million Mile Secrets

    Million Mile Secrets Silver Member

    If you don't call immediately after applying, your app is held in zombie land for ~24 to 48 hours, but the reps can process it after the computer lets them process the app.

    I'd try again in a few days.
  14. Tamburgy

    Tamburgy Member

    Ok, will do. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Sweet Willie
    • Original Member

    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    to perhaps take some stress out of your life. What does it matter if it takes two weeks for a response? Do you have immediate need for the points/miles? If not, relax, you tried to push & it didn't work, no need in my opinion to worry anymore, it is out of your hands.
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  16. sicemdawgs

    sicemdawgs Silver Member

    The problem is that the app could be denied and it is harder to get it approved. If you call right away, you can talk to someone and get it approved on the spot (it has happened with me). It is much harder to get an approval after it has been denied than when it is being reviewed. Just a thought.
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  17. Sweet Willie
    • Original Member

    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    I have no doubt about your situation.

    You most likely were probably on the cusp of being approved/denied. Most people are not on the edge, most are a cut & dried case of whether they will be approved, so calling will not make any difference. (this comes from years of selling data to CC companies & having discussions w/those that make up the decision logic/process)

    So I still stand by my point, call after the application, provide any additional info they request. But no one is going to 'sell' a CC provider on getting approved. You either will meet the criteria or you won't. So to keep calling is a waste of one's time.
  18. sicemdawgs

    sicemdawgs Silver Member

    I definitely agree with not continuing to call and call right after the application (which is what I did).:)
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  19. jesusmcavazos1

    jesusmcavazos1 New Member

    Chase is not the only bank,, apply for another different card. What about Bank of Americard (very good option to travel, there's no fees for shopping or expend abroad! American Express is a very good option too !
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  20. jtrejo07

    jtrejo07 New Member

    I called for the status and the automated service said I should receive a response "By Mail" within 5 to 7 days. Does that mean a rejection notice already? Uncertain about that, however, I would presume that I would have an immediate Non Approval answer by now. It's been about 5 days since I applied.
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  21. satman40

    satman40 Gold Member

    :D:D99% of the time it gets approved.

    Time to worry is when you get an istant REJECT.
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  22. frenchqtrchef

    frenchqtrchef New Member

    I would just like to add my experience. I just applied for the Chase Freedom card and got the "under review" message. After reading several threads on the web about this subject, including this thread, I decided to call the recon number right away. I was put on hold for a few minutes and when the rep came back on the line he said he could not get the app approved. He said that my credit history is too short. I have two auto loans dating back a couple of years but not much history of actual credit. I have a Cap one cc that has a very low CL (300) and I keep a small monthly charge on it and pay it off every month to build my credit score. He said although my scores are decent (all FICOs in the low 700s), since that Cap one card is the only credit history on my report, they could not approve my application. I then mentioned that I was approved yesterday for an Amex card w/ a 3500 CL but he said that wouldn't help; the only thing that will help is time, and more history of credit showing on my report. So... calling the recon line will not necessarily get you approved as per what satman40 said, just FYI. My scores are not bad, I have no derogatory remarks on any of my reports, no payment delinquencies at all, and I carry a very small balance on my card as mentioned, and they still would not approve me.
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  23. satman40

    satman40 Gold Member

    99% of the time they will approve you.

    I received a ,,,we would like to see more credit history from B of A, the other day, first time in my life. Seems I flipped more than a few cards last year with them.

    Chase is very easy to work with, I do have a banking relationship with them.

    I would have never brought up the AMex card, if I was you... just more liability.

    Your CL is a liability to a bank,

    Your verifiable income, cash in the bank, stocks, properties paid off, time on the job, time at the same address are all assets with any lender.

    I have 4 inches of credit cards,
    I have had over 50 property loans, that have been paid in full.

    BA did not decline my application, they just wanted to see some more credit history,

    In my opinion and experience any bank will work with you, if you show them the assets to secure the credit line requested,

    I am 73 and I have talked to many bankers over the years, none has ever turned me down I have had to make concessions though.

    You want a 10k CL move 10k in one of their savings or checking accounts, put a little skin in the game.

    I bought an airplane and they tied up a CD, but they did give me a low rate, even though that same banker told me they didn't loan money on airplane

    I hope this helps.
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