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what happened to Chase Sapphire Preferred MASTERCARD

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by cotter77, May 3, 2012.  |  Print Topic

  1. cotter77
    • Original Member

    cotter77 Silver Member

    no longer offering the mastercard?
    what happened?
    does anyone expect it to come back?

    similarliy, what happened to the 60k Chase Mileage plus explorer card offer? that seemed to slip away, no only offering 40k publicly
  2. IkeEsq

    IkeEsq Gold Member

  3. bearcat74

    bearcat74 Silver Member

    If you have at least 1 mile in your account and log in at united.com you should see the 60K offer - I just did it last week. Waiting for the card now. You may have to clear cookies in your browser. I couldn't get it to work in IE since I had viewed 40K offers, but in Firefox where i had never viewed a 40K offer I got the 60K when clicking through - really 65K (50K first purchase, 5K for an authorized user, and 10K if you spend 25K).

    Logged in and can still see the 65K ad:
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  4. iolaire
    • Original Member

    iolaire Gold Member

    Are people successfully getting the MasterCard in addition to the Visa?

    I'm taking a break from Chase after 100k Sapphire and 100K SW between last year and this year. But for another 40+ K I'd look to get the MasterCard by mid-year...
  5. rharrigill
    • Original Member

    rharrigill Silver Member

    I've heard of Chase NOT letting you have both, but making you close the Visa to open the MC.
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  6. akcae
    • Original Member

    akcae Silver Member

    That's an offer for the Visa version. The OP was specifically asking about the MasterCard.
  7. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Seems to me the OP was asking multiple questions, the last one being

    "similarliy, what happened to the 60k Chase Mileage plus explorer card offer? that seemed to slip away, no only offering 40k publicly"

    Not clear to me that it was a question specifically about a MasterCard version of the Explorer card. Did UA/Chase ever offer that one? I know I have an Explorer-ish Mastercard by virtue of them rebranding the Continental OnePass MC and retaining the number (for now at least), but have there been any offers for new UA Explorer MasterCards? I don't see it on the MasterCard website (the Chase Sapphire is there).
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  8. NorthByNorthwest

    NorthByNorthwest Active Member

    That website does not mention MC.

    I had a HELL of a time trying to get this card. Ultimately, I failed. After numerous calls with Chase reps, they tell me that the Chase Sapphire ***Preferred*** Mastercard does not exist (actually, they said they "could not find evidence of it being offered at this time".) (There is a regular CS M/C but not a preferred)

    I have seen a lot of bloggers out there talking about the fact that they have this card, but does anyone have a picture of it or, better yet, a link on a Chase website that refers to it?!

    So, hate to be the doubting Thomas, but DOES ANYONE HAVE DEFINITIVE PROOF of the existence of this card??

    ETA: Found it via poster's first link
    Now it;s time to call Chase and do battle
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  9. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

    I just applied for one yesterday via that link and was approved today. Asked to expedite delivery and hope to have it in my hands in a few days, so that I can use it on an upcoming overseas trip.
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  10. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

    Do you already have the VISA version of that card?
  11. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

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  12. benlucanada

    benlucanada Member

    my wife got the master card by calling reconsideration line and she is waiting for the VISA result, i will keep you guys apprised.
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  13. srdshelly

    srdshelly Active Member

    I applied a week ago at the mastercard.com site and got a "pending review" decision. I do have the Visa version of the card. A couple of days ago I got a letter reminding me I have the Visa version and wondering whether I really meant to apply for the MasterCard. There was a phone number to discuss it with them. I called the number and explained I'd like to have the MasterCard to shop at Sam's, but want to keep the Visa since I travel abroad a lot and sometimes see only Visa accepted. She specifically said it is permissible to have both versions, but that there had been no decision yet in my case from the credit-granting side of it. If that turns out negative, then I'll call reconsideration. For those who have been able to get both versions, have you had UR points post from both?
  14. thebone

    thebone Member

  15. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

    click through from the MC site.
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  16. thebone

    thebone Member

    I did, applied and got a "we'll get back to you" message. Is there a limit on the amount of personal cards Chase will offer? Do you know of a reconsideration phone number in case I need it? Thanks again.
  17. mattsteg
    • Original Member

    mattsteg Gold Member

    There are several different numbers that you can find via google etc or even on this forum. The number at http://travelsort.com/blog/credit-card-denied-call-these-reconsideration-phone-numbers worked for me. Depending on your status with chase you may need to do nothing more than ask them to check on the status of the application and they will proactively approve it. It's just bumped up to the point where it needs human interaction rather than a straight auto approval.
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  18. SuperKirby

    SuperKirby Gold Member

    I can't seem to find the MC version of the CSP, is it completely gone now?
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  19. HaveMilesWillTravel
    • Original Member

    HaveMilesWillTravel Gold Member

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  20. SuperKirby

    SuperKirby Gold Member

    • Original Member

    LETTERBOY Gold Member

    You could find for a while through the MasterCard site, then, for a while, it went away. It came back a couple of weeks ago (I think).
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  22. m124

    m124 Silver Member

  23. SuperKirby

    SuperKirby Gold Member

    Oh ok good, someone else noticed too! Now I feel less foolish, lol
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  24. SuperKirby

    SuperKirby Gold Member

    Thanks, yeah I saw that also but I wasn't 100% sure it actually linked me to the correct MC CSP version. At least with MasterCard.com you know for sure it links to the correct MC version. But now that I see it looks like the same link as MC.com, then I can probably trust it.
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  25. SuperKirby

    SuperKirby Gold Member

    Darn Sapphire's are off the mastercard.com/creditcards.com site again.
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