What is your primary credit card?

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  1. infamousdx

    infamousdx Silver Member

    If there are ZERO promos going on, it has to be the Starwood Amex first and foremost for me.

    But alas, there are always promos and spend goals to hit... so right now, in my wallet, I have the spg amex, chase sapphire pref, amex prg, us airways premier mc, chase freedom
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  2. jbecker614

    jbecker614 Active Member

    Outside of special categories, like dinning, gas and groceries, I am using the Delta platinum Amex, at least until I reach 25 thousand dollars for the year.
  3. flyingdawg
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    flyingdawg Gold Member

    SPG AmEx Business
    (Waiting on the Club Carlson cc coming this spring)
  4. daemon14

    daemon14 Gold Member

    Dining: Citi TYP 5x (with an occasional Chase Sapphire Preferred use, if it's a large bill and I need the points)
    Travel: Over $10, Chase SP; under $10 and in the U.S., Chase Freedom
    Gas: Right now, Chase Freedom for the 5x, otherwise AmEx Open Gold
    1x purchases: Citi AA right now, I'm getting 3.2x miles/$ with a promotion. I usually use a card that needs a spending requirement on this category.

    I'm at the point where getting another card with an annual fee for the long-term would end up in a zero-sum situation, where I won't get enough points to recoup the costs.
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  5. Toula
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    Toula Gold Member

    1. AMEX Gold until we hit the 30k of spending and get the bonus points.
    2. Next up will be the AMEX Hilton Surpass until we hit 20k of spending and requalify as Gold.
    3. Anything new that comes in and requires a spend to trigger the sign up bonus. I was approved today for the AMEX Platinum so have to spend $3k in 3 months plus the Hyatt which requires another $1k.

    I wish I could say it was hard to meet these spending limits but it is far too easy to do so.
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  6. jbcarioca
    • Original Member

    jbcarioca Gold Member

    1. Chase Sapphire unles AA flight, then,
    2. Citi AAdvantage World+++ (only for that, otherwise this card sucks!)
    3. Brazil: HSBC MC Plat (lots of points but is really a domestic card)
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  7. alohastephen

    alohastephen Gold Member

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  8. rajuabju
    • Original Member

    rajuabju Silver Member

    1) Chase Sapphire for all dining & travel spend
    2) PenFed Platinum CB for 5% back on gasoline
    3) Hilton Amex for groceries, pharmacy, utilities & costco
    4) BofA Alaska Airlines for everything else (cause I'm trying to accrue AS miles right now, otherwise I switch this up often)
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  9. hulagrrl210
    • Original Member

    hulagrrl210 Gold Member

    Chase Sapphire for daily stuff like gas, groceries, bills
    SPG Amex for Costco
    UA Visa Select for plane tickets (3x on UA), some travel, and large ticket like home improvement
    husband's Priority Club Visa for other travel and international (no fee)
  10. craz
    • Original Member

    craz Silver Member

    my primary CC is which ever 1 I need to get my min spend on at the time, or looking to CX but need to top off the pts or miles B 4 cxing it
  11. domas

    domas Active Member

    Let me give some alternative story from Eastern Europe ;-)

    Uh oh, my local Lithuanian bank's card, it provides with health and few other insurances while traveling (claims can be done locally).

    No spending bonuses of any kind, on top of that a large yearly fee (which is surpassed quite a lot by currency conversion spreads). Provides a travel concierge service, in case I decide not to talk to M&M Senator or SPG Ambassador or Amex or corporate travel agent.

    Can get decent discounts at some random local companies (e.g. -20% at one of my favorite hotels).

    Sometimes I use locally issued Amex Gold, if I want to get a flood of hundreds of "claim your free cinema ticket" SMS'es after I pay for a hotel, apparently every X LTL spent gives me access to a free cinema ticket. If I make enough revenue on it, I don't have to pay yearly fee and can get even more free cinema tickets. Funny though, once I decided to experiment and try to use that cinema ticket code, apparently they are in limited availability and I still had to go to a theatre for cash.

    Also provides me with travel concierge service, see applicability of that above. Can get decent discounts at some random local companies. Provides travel insurances, claims are to be handled via a country that is not even neighboring one.

    Of course, none of these cards work on US ticket vending machines, so I am happy to carry 14 one dollar coins in my pockets after a cash purchase ;-)

    Apparently getting US/United or SPG credit card is impossible without being a permanent resident in US. Getting Miles&More credit card is impossible without being a permanent resident of Germany.

    Free movie tickets in limited availability but unlimited quantities yay, I guess.
  12. FrequentMiler

    FrequentMiler Gold Member

    Delta Reserve because I highly value the elite qualifying miles I get when I hit certain spend thresholds. Ironically, I earn more ultimate rewards points than delta miles because I buy so much thru the ultimate rewards mall (but pay with the Delta Reserve)
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    TAHKUCT Gold Member

  14. Jeff the Wanderer

    Jeff the Wanderer Silver Member

    My primary card would probably be the Chase Sapphire Preferred for the rare few days between spend bonuses. Quite honestly, if I am not working on a spend for a new card or a bonus of some type, I start getting the itch for a new churn day and wondering what I am doing wrong. I actually did a small churn this afternoon because I had a mailed AMEX offer that expires tomorrow. I was going to apply for just the one card, but once I get going, it's hard to stop. I ended up doing three apps today, just 93 days after my last big app-o-rama. That should give me something to work on for a bit.
  15. brockb

    brockb Silver Member

    Just applied for the Preferred as this is going to be my tactic for a while.
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  16. julielou2
    • Original Member

    julielou2 Silver Member

    I live for questions like this...

    Right now my wife uses Starwood Amex as a first choice and Southwest Visa as a second.
    I use Amex Premier Rewards Gold as a first choice (I like the pretty golden bronze color) and Southwest Visa as a second.
    If gas is involved then we use Chase Freedom.
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  17. thecooklet

    thecooklet Active Member

    For every day use, my first choice is the BMW credit card services. For business, I use either Amex Platimum or my Chase Presidential Plus account. I am very happy with all of them.
  18. thetenken
    • Original Member

    thetenken Silver Member

    I use Chase Sapphire Preferred for the 2x categories or for URMall shopping (would use another card but have had difficulties with transactions posting correctly). I then use my Hilton Surpass card for utilities and gas. Finally, for everything else I use the Capital One Venture.

    I will likely change this up to CSP and drop the Surpass for the no fee Hilton and add in either an Amex Plat/Gold or maybe Starwood...unless another good card shows up...
  19. MSPeconomist
    • Original Member

    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    AmEx. I was proud to get one right after beginning my first real job and I've been a fan ever since.
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  20. nova

    nova Silver Member

    Sapphire Preferred for me aside from special cases...
  21. impsycho

    impsycho Silver Member

    1) Chase Sapphire Preferred - travel and dining
    2) Costco AMEX - Gas and Costco
    3) AMEX Plat - where I don't get a higher % or points from 1 and 2
    4) Citi Advantage - online
  22. Jimgotkp
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    Jimgotkp Gold Member

    1. Chase Sapphire Pref.
    2. SPG AMEX
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  23. desamo

    desamo Gold Member

    Amex Green.
  24. kdw038

    kdw038 Gold Member

    I still have a couple of minimums to hit, but after that I'll have the same as Jimgotkp. It's a shame our daycare facility doesn't accept Amex and that I don't have any CC's that pay a bonus for daycare.

    1. Chase Sapphire Pre
    2. SPG Amex
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  25. Stils

    Stils Silver Member

    I use the Delta Platinum AMEX for all of our purchases. Until about a year ago I was an idiot and only using my debit card through my bank so I've come a long way.
    I feel as if I'm really missing out on other better cards. I pretty much travel Delta only due to Detroit being my main location so it has gotten me quite a few free flights. I'm wondering if a non-branded AMEX would be better.
    edit: I've pretty much loved everything about the card so far other than when I'm in smaller towns they don't seem to accept it as much.
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