What makes a Luxury Hotel.....Luxurious?

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  1. QSG
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    A few things that mean Luxury Hotel to me
    - Aircon that you can actually adjust the temperature
    - Bathroom with separate shower booth
    - Lots of plugs with multiple voltages
    - Large working desk
    - A flat screen TV
    - Freely available potable/drinkable mineral water everywhere in hotel
    - Coffee machine/ Access to complementary coffee/tea service included in room tariff
    - Adjustable lighting
    - Wireless/wired internet that's actually fast and included in tariff
    - In-room high end audio system
    - iPod connectivity
    - AV/IT connection right next to desk
    - Plush bathrobes/towels
    - Electronic curtains/shades
    - A large safe big enough for laptop/cameras/important papers/small bags
    - A separate valet compartment to receive / laundry
    - Walk-in closet right next to the bathroom
    - Premium/Hard to find toiletries of exceptional quality(not just name brands)
    - Huge Japanese style soaker bathtub
    - Toto/Inax Japanese electronic toilet that is low water use/green
    - Gracious "Welcome" amenities that include items from a special welcome menu
    - Luxury bedding and sheets/choice of pillows/duvets/blankets
    - A fantastic breakfast included in the room tariff
    - 24 hrs Room service that offers full restaurant items
    -Top notch service from a team that out-numbers guests 4-1

    Feel free to add your own [​IMG]
  2. Jasper2009
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    I´d generally agree with your list except for:

    - Japanese style toilet (I don´t mind them, but I really don´t find them very useful)
    - Breakfast: I haven´t found many properties where breakfast was included for all guests, I much prefer the concept of breakfast being optional / included with certain rates (e.g. Virtuoso etc.)

    Also, when staying at a historic hotel, I don´t necessarily expect a huge amount of electric gadgets.

    Things I´d add to the list:

    - adapters provided free of charge
    - complimentary water
    - good turn down service (chocolates, water, bucket of ice etc.)
    - hotel limousine (either complimentary or at a reasonable fee)
  3. MillionMile
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    As one hotel company states: "Turning Moments into Memories for our Guests"

    Your list are things that are nice to have. But a hotel needs to stand out as a destination not just another building. The thing that makes a great hotel, no actually an extraordinary hotel are the staff and the training the hotel company has provided them. Service levels are what makes your stay memorable. If a hotel company can exceed your expectations, then it is truly a 5 star luxury hotel. The items listed will most likely be there by default.
  4. sobore
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    Really it has to start with the hotel staff. When the staff is well trained and intelligent it makes the stay easy and stress free. No one wants to start a stay at a luxury hotel explaining the hotels policies to the front desk clerk.
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  5. RichardInSF
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    The primary difference between an upscale hotel and a luxury hotel is simple: service. They are capable of handling even the unusual request in a way that seems effortless, even knowing that it isn't.
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  6. WonderBret
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    I like the list, but if you want you can always reference the requirements for Mobil/Forbes 5 star properties (or even 4 star for that matter). I tend to agree that its all about the service, or rather the service culture. Seeing my favorite flavor of Gatorade in my room because the valet saw an empty in my car when he parked it was FAR more memorable than a bathtub. I guess for me its all about that elusive "wow" moment.
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  7. I agree, there is a certain level of amenities which constitute a nice/expensive hotel, but the real differentator is service.

    A luxury hotel should feel like a home away from home, where nothing is too much trouble.
  8. rajuabju
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    Staff & Service.

    Most everything else is a nice amenity.

    But only people can make a good experience into an amazing experience. Too many places these days (hotels and other businesses) are so focused on bottom line cost cutting they fail to realize that there still exist people who will happily pay more for superior service.
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  9. Easy Victor

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    I think that would be a "wow" moment for anyone. That would pretty much secure my biz for the near future if everything else was done well also.

  10. WonderBret
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    Ritz Phoenix. Amazing service.
  11. Easy Victor

    Easy Victor Silver Member

    Havent' been to Phoenix in a while, but you can bet I will give the Ritz a try if I do. Thanks.
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  12. Or, to the extent that it's possible, they've already anticipated your every need so you don't have to make a single request.

    Most luxurious place I've stayed was the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California... barely interacted with the staff, apart from dining, because they had already thought of everything I could possibly need.
  13. sithlord
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    Getting what I want when want with no questions asked,simply results.
  14. pitmueller
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  15. JSpira
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    I think it is much more a question of the feeling one gets in the hotel rather than a specifiy feature or amenity. Good food for thought.

    Jonathan Spira

    Executive Road Warrior
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  16. QSG
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    OK, but do you expect this service to be offered as an add on, or inclusive in the already lofty tariffs?
  17. RCyyz
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    I agree with pretty much everything on the list from the OP. And I too will add staff & service to the list. To me a luxury hotel means a place where I can ask for anything within reasonable boundaries and know it will be done. Sometimes an extra charge will be incurred which is fine, but I like to know that if I need something it will just happen either automatically or with one simple request that will be fulfilled with minimal wait and minimal fuss.

    Included breakfast is nice in addition to being useful, but I don't necessarily expect it. I do expect that presentation and service will be top notch though.

    A couple of last thoughts on service - I expect staff (concierge in particular but front desk staff too) to speak English well enough and to know the local area at least as well as I do. And in better hotels I find that the staff, whoever they are, will nod politely and say hello no matter where our paths may cross.
  18. RCyyz
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    I should clarify my comment above about speaking English. Of course in a foreign land I expect to play by the local rules - I completely respect the local ways. But the lingua franca of travel, of business and of many other things is English. As such, I expect that staff at a luxury hotel will be able to communicate in their mother tongue and in English without great difficulty.
  19. Princess Fiona
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    I also agree with almost everything on the list, Japanese Toilet aside.
    For me there are three things of equal importance in a hotel, the service, bed and bed linen ( must be at least as good as what I sleep on at home). Must have great concierge and an extensive range of cocktails .
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  20. The Boat
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    For me anyway, the difference is the ability for the staff to respond quickly to events, especially the fact that sometimes my travel plans are moved up as well as delayed or outright cancelled at the last minute. For example, a few months ago, I was scheduled to stay in LIS for 5 days at the Corinthia, but I was forced to shorten my trip as I had a meeting on the front end of the trip that lasted longer than I expected. Therefore, when I arrived into LIS, it was quite late at night and it was one day after I said that I would be there. But, since I had notified the hotel that I would be late, they were able to keep the room ready.

    On another note, there is a big difference when it comes to data access, as it is vital (for me anyway) to have a reliably data stream.
  21. Fast & affordable data access options is a big one (wired or wireless).

    In my book an internet connection needs to be strong enough to get a clear VOIP connection as a minimum.
  22. justageek
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    As others have alluded to, it's staff/service, not amenities. You can often find better amenities from a practical standpoint (like free Internet, free breakfast, free airport transfers, gym) at "lower middle end" hotels than at traditional business hotels (Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, etc.) or luxury hotels.
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  23. nime01
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    That the hotel has attention to all details, not just one particular area.
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  24. The Boat
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    As well as noise control, insofar as they are proactively dealing with roudy guests that are disturbing the peace.
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  25. RichardInSF
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    OK, here's a wow moment from a luxury hotel: I boarded the train to Narita with a friend. As the train pulled out, my friend realized her purse was missing but didn't know if it had been lost or stolen. The whole train trip was panic time. She had her passport and some money in a hidden belt store, but lots of other valuable items were in the purse.

    When I checked in for my flight at Narita, the ticket agent said there was a message for me. The message was that the purse would arrive in 20 minutes. The hotel had found the purse left in the room, immediately put it on the next limo bus to the airport, and not knowing my friend's name, had figured out I was on United and arranged for the message to me.

    Total magic and it saved her entire trip.

    What are the odds that would ever happen at a Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza?
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