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    I was a blackberry power user for a long long time (going to when they were essentially paging devices). I finally decided to give up the email-optimized blackberry because they were lagging in other areas (apps, wifi, camera, internet, screen size, music, video). I am glad I switched because these other features are so much better that it's worth the slightly worse email experience. I tried the Droid with slide out keyboard but it's really not as good as blackberry's. I then got an iPhone. I have been a long-time Apple anti-fanatic but I have to say, this is a great device. Being able to check awardwallet, ITA and check-in via various airline apps are samples of little advantages over the Blackberry.

    With that said, if you are single-mindedly focused on email, I would stick to the Blackberry. I think that's like sticking to a bicycle instead of upgrading to a car because you are single-mindedly trying to optimize fuel efficiency, but everybody's got their preferences.
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    Hi Gary,

    I went through a similar decision about a month ago. I had an older bold and had phone envy between my wife's iPhone and all my coworkers trying to convince me to switch to an Android. I really loved my keyboard and I use my Blackberry predominantly for business and pound out ton's of emails on it daily. My old bold finally broke and I considered switching. I came up with this list of must-have features:

    1) real keyboard
    2) smallish
    3) a charger that's easily and cheaply acquired
    4) touch screen
    5) decent memory for storing pics
    6) supports my favorite apps like facebook, foursquare, shazam, google maps & tripit
    7) a reasonably good browser
    8) wifi support
    9) good camera that can also shoot HD video

    I ended up getting a new Blackberry Bold 9900. I would say this is probably the best Blackberry ever released and meets all the above criteria. iOS and Android are definitely better mobile operating systems, but I don't find there is much I want to do and cant on the Blackberry. Perhaps the iPhone 5 will sway me whenever it's released, but for now the Bold 9900 does the trick.

    Compared your existing Bold you'll find the new one thinner, lighter, more stylish, faster, and once you resist the urge to use the trackpad, you'll actually find yourself being more productive on it.

    Read a review here:


    Good luck!
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    By February 2012 the latest.
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    Tried one of these. Not too thrilled with it. If you're going to use the iPhone, you need to be prepared to be without a keyboard.
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    Not thrilled because it wouldn't fit in your holster? :rolleyes:
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    Funny guy. No, I think it makes the phone clunky, and it didn't have a good feel in my hands for typing. I don't love the iPhone, but I've learned enough to know that it's pretty much only usable the way it's intended. Hoping to change it to fit your specifications is like waiting to win the lottery.
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    I'm not really going to carry around a separate keyboard :) My single device goal (and I take the point on my question about cameras, shouldn't I be happy with a phone that has a good camera? Except that most of the time I am, I only carry the camera around on big trips rather than daily use) is about simplifying, and a separate keyboard doesn't get there.

    I'm half tempted to just upgrade to the Blackberry that came out in the fall and wait for the next real breakthrough, I'm not optimistic about the future of RIM and doubt that BB10 will be all that revolutionary, the delays aren't encouraging. Probably should wait a couple of months to see what develops on the Android side in terms of keyboard and use of ICS OS.

    Suppose not really in a huge hurry, could revisit in March. At least I've learned I'm not really missing something obvious that's out there. As much as I want the cool new toys I can't really sacrifice my primary e-mail use, and I'm pretty serious about my emailing, I've been known to pound out epic-length emails on the Blackberry.
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    You could try looking at some Windows Phone 7 devices. The OS is underrated IMO and quite good. There are several WP7 phones with hardware keyboards
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    I thought I needed a physical keyboard when I went from a Blackberry to an Android model. I ended up never ever using the slideout keyboard because it was more clunky than the virtual keyboard. It didn't take long to get used to the virtual and I counted down the 23 months until my 2 year contract was up and I could ditch the physical keyboard model for the Bionic. Love it.
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    Oh no. Believe me, a guy who rocked a Touch Pro 2 for well over a year...anything is better than Windows Mobile. My current Android device I well tweaked to be a great smartphone.
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    Actually, I've had several other smartphones myself, including a few motorola windows phones which were fine for me the past 4-6 yrs, and while it took a few days/weeks to get used to.. I really like the Android phones.. & the new ICS 4.0 is just spectacular IMHO :)

    Yes, also had a similar experience moving form Blackberry/Windows phone to Android.. literally used the keyboard once! ;) LOL :)
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  15. gleff
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    I never pulled the trigger on anything but I think I'll buy the Samsung SIII that's supposed to come out later in the month.
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    The SIII looks like a pretty solid device.

    I found myself in a similar quandry to you after accepting a position in Canada earlier this year. My wife and I both ended up with a Galaxy Nexus. I much prefer the un-altered ICS experience to one that's been cluttered up with TouchWiz or similar (though I hear good things about HTC Sense 4.0). ICS is light-years better than Honeycomb, and the fact that the Nexus comes unlocked makes it a breeze to carry across borders; I just swap SIM cards and go. I've had no issues with call quality locally or internationally, and the battery life is generally fine for how I use the phone. In my experience, which apps are installed and personal usage habits will vary battery life on a given device between two people.

    The only real complaint I have is not with the device, but with how my employer has their Exchange server settings done. I'm unable to get work e-mail on ICS because the OS will try to force me to do really crazy stuff like full phone encryption to be able to set up an Exchange account in the native e-mail app. If I utilize something like Touchdown, it's no issue. I think it's something on the security settings my employer uses, but whatever the reason, the native Android e-mail app doesn't like it.
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    Off topic, but yes, it's conflicting policies. I've troubleshot this and Touchdown is much easier than convincing an admin to alter exchange policies...
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    I have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, and our corporate uses GoodLink...they get their security and we get the rest of the phone. Minor issues with regard to synching contacts (if you leave sync on the phonebook doesn't populate via bluetooth), but it works.

    We were also just issued iPads equipped with GoodLink too..
  19. I am still a fan of the BB and have had a playbook since day one. The bold 9900 is a very good phone with lots of new and cool aps and the recent update to the playbook has made it a very good unit to own.

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