What to expect on 3/3/12?

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United's transition to a single passenger service system on March 3rd will be

  1. 65 Million BC "Chicxulub Impact"

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  2. January 1 2000 "Y2K"

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  3. May 21 2011 "Rapture"

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  4. December 21 2012 "Mayan Doomsday"

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  1. NYCUA1K

    NYCUA1K Gold Member

    Right on the money.

    I just got off the phone with a UA reservation agent, booking a flight to PRG on March 1, as I could not get an itinerary that got me out of LGA on UA and returned me there. After we were done doing business, I asked her whether I should be concerned about traveling on the very day that UA and CO would switch to a single system. What sfogate just said above is basically what she told me, adding that it is crazy how bogus rumors just spread like wild fire. Bottom line is that she said that she was not worried about it and neither are others she is with. They have been training and the migration has been proceeding meticulously, so they "feel ready"...that was all I needed to hear to opt to fly UA from LGA through IAD into FRA and then to take LH to get into PRG, in order to maximize my lifetime status miles...;).

    This is a highly personal thing. Not being a "people watcher", and always having work to do even in transit, UC becomes a small oasis where I can deploy my laptop and kill the time, especially during peak travel season in the busiest airports. Also, it is definitely a must for relatively long layovers. But again, to each his/her own...:)
  2. sonoma

    sonoma Silver Member

    I heard the same from the JFK ticket counter and RCC agents two weeks ago. It is encouraging to see the UA staff being positive about the change.
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  3. Minnesota Bruin
    • Original Member

    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

    Certainly paints a very different (and much appreciated) view than the Bloomsburg article! :)
  4. mht_flyer
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    mht_flyer Gold Member

    I'm flying that weekend shorthaul, hopefully all will be well and much ado about nothing, just smooth skies :)
  5. AZjohn

    AZjohn Silver Member

    I too had to call the 1K line yesterday as one of my PNR's had a segment just disappear (another story for another time).

    After a half hour getting that cleared up, the agent and I spent about 10 minutes disscussing about the SHARES system. To my surprise, he was ready for March 3rd. He has completed his training a while back and he was very confident this system was no big deal, just different. Now, he didn't really like the fact he will now have to use a mouse (he said he hasn't used a mouse for 13 tears now...lol). He also didn't know yet how to do all the little tricks he has learned how to do with the UA system (which he had to use to clear up this PNR I called about).

    Bottom line, I got the feeling that in a short period the UA folks will addapt to this new system and likely find a way to do all their little tricks to actually be better at working the system as maybe some of the CO folks, maybe?

    Also, maybe it's not a fair assessment on what a 1K phone rep can do with the system compared to what a gate agent or check in agent can do with the system, but guess we will find out shortly;)
  6. Minnesota Bruin
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    Minnesota Bruin Silver Member

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  7. scott6067
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    scott6067 Silver Member

    As was the case with FastAir and will be the case with Shares. Those of US who use the system, agents will continue to be taught the basics in class and then learn the tricks and short cuts as they work daily with the system. Meaning the better agents will be the ones that have more issues on a daily basis.
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  8. PhlyingRPh
    • Original Member

    PhlyingRPh Silver Member

    I'm not too worried about it.
  9. thegrailer
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    thegrailer Silver Member

    VDB/IDB no whammy big bucks big bucks joker joker joker

    Yea- certs are predicted. Albeit I would really like to make it to my destination

    OT: first post from my droid - hopefully it's ok

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  10. Gtitan
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    Gtitan Gold Member

    Might be post of the day! +1. Certs "come on down". :D
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  11. HeathrowGuy
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    HeathrowGuy Gold Member

    "The site is NOT a production version. The data and content represented here is a snapshot of information. Any transactions executed on this site will not be honored or supported."
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  12. canucklehead
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    canucklehead Gold Member

    I am pretty sure that message will disappear come 03/03/12. If it was .bomb, not so sure! :D
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