What was your personal shortest flight ever?

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What was your personal shortest flight ever? Please explain in comments.

  1. Less than 100 miles.

  2. 101 - 200 miles.

  3. 201 - 300 miles.

  4. I've never flown a flight less than 300 miles.

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  1. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Please, scheduled airline flights only, not including demos, diversions or returns to departing airport for IRROPS. It is, however, okay to report one short leg of a scheduled flight even if your ticket was to remain onboard and fly a second segment of the same flight to another city.

    Hope this poll hasn't been done before, I didn't see one. My idea came from a discussion on the "Guess The Airport" thread today where there was talk about ATH - JTA being a very short flight one or two milepointers had flown. It's 141 miles. So I thought I'd take a poll on what's the shortest anyone on here had flown.

    Technically, choice one in the poll should read "100 miles or less." I can't go back and edit that, but please treat it accordingly.

    Anybody flown this one? http://milepoint.com/forums/threads/the-world’s-shortest-passenger-flight-at-under-2-minutes-is….43588/
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  2. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    My personal shortest was PSP - ONT on TW about 1991. 65 miles.

    I also flew SMF - OAK a time or two on PSA, but that's slightly longer.
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  3. Jimgotkp
    • Original Member

    Jimgotkp Gold Member

    Mine was PVD-LGA on US Air and it's 143 miles.
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  4. LauraPDX

    LauraPDX Silver Member

    Lax-San. 109 miles
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  5. thesterlingtraveler

    thesterlingtraveler Gold Member

    HNL-LIH 102 miles though I don't really remember it. Shortest that I do remember is SEA-YVR which is 127.
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  6. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    I forgot one that was even shorter than my PSP - ONT journey. On a flight from ORD - MIA on UA one time, we made a scheduled stop in FLL. The way this poll is phrased, then, FLL - MIA would have qualified as the shortest: 21 miles.
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  7. icurhere2
    • Original Member

    icurhere2 Gold Member

    I think my shortest scheduled commercial flight was ELM-ITH (32) on a B1900D.
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  8. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Getting off-topic, but my shortest flight with hot-meal service was on a Boeing 777, SIN - KUL (first-class, chicken satays) on SQ (213 miles). I'd like to see a domestic U.S. carrier do that these days :)
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  9. DestinationDavid
    • Original Member

    DestinationDavid Milepoint Guide

    I was the poster who mentioned flying ATH-JTR and it being a pretty short flight. As mentioned, it's 136 miles, which makes it my 5th shortest flight. The other four?

    LAX-SAN 109 miles
    HNL-OGG 101 miles
    DEN-CYS 90 miles
    MKE-ORD 67 miles
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  10. Gardyloo
    • Original Member

    Gardyloo Gold Member

    Three that come to mind...

    CDB-KVC, 19 mi., more reps than I can remember (Goose, Aztec, Navaho, Comanche)
    DUT-KQA, 35 mi., ditto (on a Goose)
    EUG-SLE, 55 mi., a few times (UA Convair)
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  11. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

    I've done ith-bgm on USAir. That is 31 miles.

    In the early 90s, DL ran a JFK-Mia-FLL flight. I flew the 21 miles Mia-FLL as part of the longer journey. It was L1011 service, too. :)
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  12. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

    When I flew this, sq had j, but not f. It was quite nice for a 40 minute flight. The food wasn't overwhelming.

    Report here: http://upgrd.com/sitinfirst/silk-ai...re-business-class-sin-kul-sin-rtw-part-4.html
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  13. NYBanker
    • Original Member

    NYBanker Gold Member

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  14. catgirl
    • Original Member

    catgirl Gold Member

    MKE-ORD 67 miles :)
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  15. Flying Bat

    Flying Bat Silver Member

    JER GCI 24.14 miles, in a turbo prop, possibly the most expensive £ per mile I have spent on flying.
    No tier points, only tears.
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  16. jparker

    jparker Silver Member

    Ozark Airlines use to run a Joplin, MO to Springfield, MO flight that was about 70 miles in a fifteen seat flight. It was always interesting to see people's expressions when they saw the size of the plane.
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  17. IkeEsq

    IkeEsq Gold Member

    HNL-OGG 99.9 miles in the 90s.

    MRE-WIL ~140 miles in 2000.

    I am pretty sure that in the early '80s I took a turboprop from ABE to EWR. About a dozen or so seats and about 5'5" headroom. I seem to recall thinking that we appeared to be following I-78 East and I looked out the window to see if the light on the end of the wing blinked when we exited. :) 66 Miles.
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  18. milchap
    • Original Member

    milchap Gold Member

    YVR-YYJ = 39 miles.
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  19. mgrepo

    mgrepo Silver Member

    Way back when, on AA on an MD-80, flew from DCA to IAD on the way to Dallas.
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  20. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Sheesh! That's 23 miles, almost like the FLL-MIA that a couple of us remember literally sitting through. I chuckled on the "way back when" line in your post. Some things haven't changed since "way back when:" like MD-80s!
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  21. Art234
    • Original Member

    Art234 Milepoint Guide

    SJC-OAK in 1982 on a PSA 727. It was a stop on the way to SAN. Routing was SJC-OAK-SAN.
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  22. mo26

    mo26 Silver Member

    ESC-IMT in a CRJ....50 miles, 9 minutes wheels-up

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  23. kansaskeith

    kansaskeith Gold Member

    Now THAT's the type of route CRJs were designed for, unlike those three-hour jobbies we're seeing now. Are ya listening, American Airlines and Eagle? :)
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  24. DTWBOB

    DTWBOB Silver Member

    FNT-DTW (often) because it's very cost effective, saves money on parking, and adds miles and segments.

    Typically 16 minutes in the air.

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  25. AUSsie

    AUSsie Silver Member

    TPA-SRQ. 40 miles across Tampa Bay. Luggage went in the wing box. Plane had 8 seats, air conditioning consisted of the pilot holding his window open. Somehow this was a scheduled flight.
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