Whats your Big Win offer?

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  1. I stayed in the 4 Seasons London last year and was not overly impressed wit their service levels. Ofcourse I get a suite at the IC but overall I was indifferent to the service levels.
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  2. i put RC and FS in about the same category, don't disagree, quality and standards vary by location, management, ownership
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  3. Sweet Willie
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    my two Four Seasons stays were Nevis & Hualālai, I can't really complain about these stays;)
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  4. i posted this in the lounge yesterday, thought you may like it SW:)

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  5. jonspencer

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    the Big Win is the lamest offer in recent memory

    special offerings for points have been more than lean in 2013
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  6. Pizzaman
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    Pizzaman Co-founder

    Which Four Seasons? We had an exceptional stay at Park Lane a number of years ago.
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  7. That's the one. Things change in hotels, be it new management or time of year,etc.
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  8. servo

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    Here's mine, and then I have a few questions/concerns:

    One stay is all it takes
    Stay at any IHG® hotel and receive 1,000 Points.
    More nights. More points
    Stay a total of 8 nights and receive 7,700 Points
    Mix things up
    Stay at 4 different IHG brands and receive 24,000 Points
    Booking direct really is the best
    Book 4 separate stays through an IHG® hotel website or mobile device to get our best price guarantee and receive 3,200 Points
    Take it and win
    Complete a simple survey and receive 100 Points
    Saturday stays just got better
    Stay 3 Saturday nights and receive 5,600 Points.
    Finish with a really big win
    Complete all of your offers and receive 42,000 Points

    83,600 in total.

    1) Will booking through a shopping portal like Ultimate Rewards directed to the Holiday Inn site count as a qualifying rate?

    2) Will that also qualify as a stay booked on their site? Technically it was on their site, but an IATA code shows up in the reservation.

    3) Has the survey opened up for anyone yet? It's still "coming soon" for me, and if it's not triggered on my meeting a few of the criteria (I have all of mine booked to qualify for all in the next 30 days), then I assume they're going to hold off until Dec 31st to open the survey and hope people forget to do it, and that loss of 100 points will be the deal killer for the "big win". It's pretty awful already that the promo has started for 20 days and the survey isn't active, unless as I mentioned, it triggers once you meet one, or some of the other qualifying criteria.
  9. Sweet Willie
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  10. LAM

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    I think stays booked through the Ultimate Rewards portal count unless possibly your task is to book online at the IHG site. I did my 2nd mattress run last weekend and 24,000 points showed up in my IHG Award Wallet account today. I can't check the IHG site right now because they are down for maintenance.

    Now my UR portal points have not shown up but that is a different issue
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  11. I didn't do a MR last weekend and stayed at an IC. Got 16000 points just for staying;)
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  12. LAM

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    I just checked my IHG account and they gave me my 18,000 Live the City Life points for two stays (matress runs) in the Washington DC area. I thought you had to have a stay in two different cities. YMMV
  13. Kalboz
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  14. i'm forever chasing Chase for points when making bookings via the UR Mall, you have to make sure the Chase IATA code is in the booking, then make sure the hotel doesn't tamper with it
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  15. LAM

    LAM Silver Member

    Thanks for the hint
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  16. DJP_707
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    DJP_707 Silver Member

    Anybody find a good rate for a Saturday night at any of the New York city options. Need two cities stay and two Saturdays to complete my wifes big win.

    Cheapest I found so far was $136 in Long island on 12/14
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  17. DJP_707
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    DJP_707 Silver Member

    I hope this works for me, two Saturday nights in NYC and my wife gets 93K points with the completion of her big win. we already did the rest of the stays.

    I like how the points post as you progress, with no waiting till the end of the promo to get all your points.
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  18. adl73x
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    Mine seems to have been a bit more generous (and achievable) than some here:

    Try one and done 1000 points
    Stay More and Earn More (8 nights in total across stays) 11500 points
    Explore Our Brands (single night or more stays at 4 brands) 24000 points
    Book with Us (3 online bookings) 4200 points
    The elusive coming soon survey 100 points
    Live the City Life (2 stays in different European cities - 2 of which are in the UK) 18000 points
    Win in a Weekend (2 Saturday stays) 7200 points
    Complete all of the above 66000 points

    Total 132000 points

    As for getting the offer, I'm Plat Ambassador with only a few stays this year prior to the promo.
    The only one I need to go out of my way for is the 2 cities one. A Christmas market weekend in Frankfurt will take care of one city and a Saturday.
    I still won't renew Plat this year by stays or points, but I'm hoping the UK PC Black Visa will continue to confer Plat next year.
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  19. LAM

    LAM Silver Member

    There are a few NJ hotels but you would have to get into the city. I was going to do one in South Brunswick NJ near where friends live for $125
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  20. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    AAA rates do count towards this promo, FYI.
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  21. Sweet Willie
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    Sweet Willie Gold Member

    big lag time in terms of how points are posting to the Big Win tracker, but they are eventually posting (which is what I mostly care about, but being a points geek it is fun to watch the tracker).
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  22. viguera
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    For some of us the stackable promos make the Big Win offer laughable even... I just had a $115 one night stay that netted me 32k points. By comparison my entire "reward" for chasing after the Big Win is just over 55k, complete with two Saturday nights and chasing after 3 different brands.

    It's a terrible promo for some of us, that's for sure. :)

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  23. icurhere2
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    Once the survey gets posted :rolleyes:, I will be well on my way to 150,000 points with less than $600 personal spend for hotels I need anyway based upon other promos, status, credit card, Big Win, etc. :cool: My employer has to chip in $100 on top of my personal $600 but my net benefit will be more than fine.
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  24. KathInJax

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    MyPoints was offering 15 points per dollar for reservations made until Oct 14th. I still have the e-mail link for that. It was on their front page, but it looks like it has been removed. If you are a member of MyPoints, you might want to check your e-mail.
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  25. DJP_707
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    DJP_707 Silver Member

    Has anyone else had two stays in the same city/region count for this promo. I have one stay tonight and would like to confirm before I book another Saturday in the same city.
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