When was the last time you bought shampoo?

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  1. DAS02135
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    DAS02135 Gold Member

    In equal parts because I hate the thought of barely used hotel shampoos and conditioners being thrown away by housekeeping, I'm lazy, and I've got old-fashion New England thrift :), I haven't had to purchase shampoo, conditioner, or soap for a few years.

    Do you bring shampoos and conditioners home from your hotel stays? If so, how long have you been able to go without buying it? What's your favorite hotel for it's bath amenities?
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  2. 2soonold
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    2soonold Gold Member

    I have to use baby shampoo. Therefor, hotel shampoo does not get thrown away when I stay there.
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  3. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    I haven't touched hotel shampoo nor soap for years. Always bring my own.
    Unless, of course, I get forgetful..........................
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  4. DAS02135
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    DAS02135 Gold Member

    Do you check a bag when you travel? Or, do you manage to find small bottles of your preferred brand?
  5. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    I sometimes find small bottles to purchase. Also, I have some small bottles that I fill myself when I will be flying.
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  6. No Idea because i forget that what was the name of shampoo which did i bought. i think i always use to hotel shampoo and shampoo.
  7. doc
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    doc Silver Member

    My wife does the same .. lol..
    She rarely, if ever, uses the "ceap" hotel crap! ;)
    Well, it is FREE so I guess it is techniically cheap! :D
    She buys her own particular shampoo all the time..
    And she buys AXE for my son as well..
    If the 3 of us travel together in the same room, only I will use the hotel shampoo..
    Sad, I know! ;)
    Happy New Year everyone! :)
  8. miles and smiles
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    miles and smiles Gold Member

    Welcome to Milepoint!
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  9. JennB
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    JennB Gold Member

    I always take my own. If the hotel has a good brand, I'll take it home and put it in the guest bathroom.

    So I probably bought shampoo 2 months ago or so. I buy the big bottles of Aveda Shampure
  10. Randy Petersen
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    Randy Petersen Founder

    I'm thinking the last time i bought any shampoo was maybe 25 years ago. I am an expert on the ways of housekeeping carts, transporting liquids and have learned over time that not all shampoo is created equal (there are some that i don't even collect any longer). As well, I never get tired of collecting the leaf shaped green soaps at Westin which look and work great in the master bathroom at home. Thank goodness these soaps are a solid not a liquid.

    I will say that if the lovely bride knows I'm at a hotel that has Bulgari toiletries then it's shampoo chauffeur time. However, to be perfectly fair, i do observe the one shampoo per day rule and never take more than each days worth. For instance, even with Bulgari, I would not raid the housekeeping cart for 8 bottles when i was only at the hotel for two nights—there are some "gentleman rules" for shampoo.
  11. doc
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    doc Silver Member

    Randy, a few years ago my wife actually liked the shampoo in the room.. can't remember if it was Mandarin, Shangra La, or whatever.. not being one to steal from the houskeeping cart, I simply asked the charming young lady about the shampoo & told her how my wife absolutely loved it.. she was shockingly accommodating! :)
  12. mynameismud
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    mynameismud Gold Member

    Shampoo...this is something i haven't used for more than a decade !!!
    Shampoo, don't you need some hair for that ? :D well, now i understand i lost most of them...:confused:
  13. TrippePanAM

    TrippePanAM Gold Member

    no idea every few months but i buy a couple bottles at a time
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  14. AnthonyB1609

    AnthonyB1609 Silver Member

    Ha ha that's so funny. I don't have hair but I never leave shampoo behind. I do use the heck out of the lotion!!! I have a drawer filled with soap, shampoo, lotion, and conditioner. I like to put it out when I have house guest so they feel like they are in a hotel :)
  15. Bundy Bear
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    Bundy Bear Silver Member

    I use twice as much shampoo as conditioner.
    Shampoo, I buy probably about twice a year. Conditioner I haven't brought for over a year, maybe even 2.

    The Hilton shampoo & conditioner I take home with me, the Holiday Inn and IHG properties will use what is there but don't take it with me.
  16. Captain Oveur
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    Captain Oveur Gold Member

    Clearly I'm in the minority here, but I rarely ever use hotel shampoo. I buy one giant bottle at Costco every couple of months or so and jam what I can into the little travel-size bottle.

    I'm WAY too OCD on this, but I like to smell consistent, especially when I get home. I do it more because my wife likes it when I return.
  17. flyingdawg
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    flyingdawg Gold Member

  18. MSPeconomist
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    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    I'm starting to get fussy and only take the shampoo from my room if it's the really good stuff. I still have a huge inventory. I carry shampoo I like with me, essentially bringing another hotel's toiletries into my current hotel in case I don't like the current hotel's offerings. Ridiculous, isn't it?
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  19. philatravelgirl

    philatravelgirl Silver Member

    I am the same, very picky and bring other hotel toiletries with me as well to the new hotel. I bring all hotel toiletries and international toiletry bags home with me, sort them and then donate locally to a children's home. at the end of the year it really adds up
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  20. MSPeconomist
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    MSPeconomist Gold Member

    I like to donate my goodies to shelters for battered women, who seem to really appreciate a tiny bit of luxury in a tough time.
  21. spesalvi

    spesalvi Gold Member

    I am the same, I guess being a girl and all, I do like certain brands, the smell and the effect of the shampoo afterwards
  22. dmc730

    dmc730 Silver Member

    Being bald I only need the soap but my daughter thinks it is a special treat to get a dozen or so bottles when I return. Cheap souvenirs I guess. She has several bottles that she consolidates them into for each brand. She also collects hotel pens, paper pads and hand lotion. I know she seems spoiled right?
  23. CharlesG

    CharlesG Gold Member

    I have very little hair, but I have convinced myself that I need special shampoo. The upside is that one bottle of shampoo almost lasts me forever, because I need a dime sized amount everytime I wash my hair. I used to collect the stuff I got at hotels, but now with the liquid restrictions it has to be awesome before I bring it home. So toiletries from Luxury Collection hotels-- they're coming home. From Four Points? Not so much.

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