WiFi Signal Icon On Your Credit Card- Is this For Real?????

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  1. toddreg
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  2. sobore
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    Well that explains the charge for 16 pairs of extra large ladies bloomers on my Chase card.
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  3. viguera
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    NFC snoopings are all the rage... :)
  4. milchap
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  5. ACMM
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    You can't wear that many? ;)

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  6. daemon14

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    But did the hotel room key earn miles?
  7. MX

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    PayPass (another name for the RFID Chip) is a relatively old technology. I had previously (and incorrectly) assumed that it either came as a separate tag, as with Citibank accounts, or at least required a user permission. So this expose was a surprise to me. I decided to check my cards and discovered the following.

    Some of my older cards issued more than 2 years ago, including Chase Freedom and AmEx SPG, indeed had RFID chips. The same cards and all other cards issued within the last year DID NOT have the RFID chips. Perhaps the banking establishment is already moving away from this technology. The PayPass option is not even offered anymore with Citibank cards. As it's often the case, when a story is planted for the mass consumer media distribution, it's already old news. I can only guess who's behind the release of this "news". ;)
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  8. websteth

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    I know most of the RFID information is now encrypted. I know older cards may not be but, if you ever actually scan your card with RFID, it's just the Card ID information for the chip and not the actual card number so I question the video where the simple tap gave the entire account number as it simply isn't on that chip.
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  9. guberif

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    I can promise you your mag stripe is far less secure than any RFID or NFC chip.
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  10. websteth

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    Totally agree. Many companies are moving this direction for that very reason. It's much harder to copy an RFID or NFC chip than it is a mag track.
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  11. guberif

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    Which is why they've been common in Europe for years, right?
  12. websteth

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    The European model is a little different. With the advent of many of the technologies that make having the actual card required, it's actually limited somewhat the protections for consumers. Example, with an entirely chip and pin card where both the card and the pin must be present at the time of transaction, it's a lot hard to contest a charge but, that's a different topic.

    I don't know how this affects the RFID process as both are different but I will stand by that RFID is far more secure than a simple mag track.
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  13. guberif

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  14. websteth

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    Sorry. I just get annoyed when people freak out over new technology that makes their world more secure. :)
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  15. guberif

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    Nah, I'm with you. And F those new-fangled seat belts!!
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  16. MX

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    I have observed the opposite, with several major banks having dropped the RFID option (see my earlier post above). Exactly which "many companies" were you talking about?
  17. servo

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    All 6 of the cards (from Citi (2), Chase, AmEx, Barclays and Cap One) I have acquired this year do not have the RFID chip.

    This is called sales pitch news. Isn't it amazing that the person who the news interviewed for the story happens to not be a consumer advocate, but an entrepreneur, attempting to profit off of scaring the public? I used to live in Indy, and News 13 was probably the worst at this kind of "investigative journalism". They just love following cars and yelling at the window as the person drives off too.
  18. daemon14

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    My US Bank FlexPerks has it. Other than that, no other card.
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  19. Scottrick
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    I was issued a new debit card with PayPass. It was not made clear why I was getting a new card, especially since the number was exactly the same and my old one didn't expire for 3 years. I finally saw the PayPass logo on the back, called up the bank, and asked if I really needed to activate it. They said no, so I didn't. Threw it away and kept using my old card.
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  20. YULtide

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    Well, I don't know how it was done, but my card got cloned this summer. I found out when I was away for the weekend and had my card refused at a restaurant. Called the cc company and they asked me if I had made a bunch of charges in Brooklyn that day. Nope. I've been to Brooklyn once. In 2009. Good thing I was carrying another cc.

    The biggest pain was that it meant I wasn't collecting miles for the next two weeks. :mad:
  21. So, are we to assume that all RFID crooks are XL or XXL. ;)

    I have a NEXUS card with the RFID chip and it comes in a protective sleeve that protects its contents.
  22. websteth

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    My Discover Card and several American Express cards have it. Use it all the time. It's quick and simple to use. You have to get the card close for a read unlike my work ID. I feel more secure using tap to pay than swipes these days with all of the skimmers out there.

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