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  1. thetravelanalyst

    thetravelanalyst Silver Member

    Nightmare: Passenger in front of me at LHR T4 didn't fuly understand the baggie policy; filled a too large ziplock bag with everything imaginable: eyedrops, scrunchies, lotion, mints, etc. She had to go through it and painstakingly pull out all of her liquids. She was so embarrassed though that I couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

    Felt I couldn't share this episode anywhere other than on Milepoint :)
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  2. Mark
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    Mark Admin Staff Member

    I've been in your exact position. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person either...
  3. ACMM
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    ACMM Gold Member

    Maybe I am being mean but this is NOT a new policy - how come people just do not get it! :eek:
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  4. Mark
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    Mark Admin Staff Member

    The woman in front of me said she hadn't flown in 10 years and was told by a friend of hers to put the liquids in a plastic bag. Nice friend not to specify a tad more.
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  5. kw335
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    kw335 Silver Member

    I use a bigger-sized ziploc bag all the time, and never had any problem.

    The only time I was asked about it was at LIH, when I was "caught" packing too many bath products that I took from my room at Grand Hyatt Kauai :D

    The TSO lady said, "Wow, you're bringing way too many stuff here. Where is it from? The Marriott? Hyatt?" and waved me through :D
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  6. ACMM
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    ACMM Gold Member

    Who knew a mouse needed so many bath products! :p
  7. anabolism
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    anabolism Gold Member

    How big?
  8. thetravelanalyst

    thetravelanalyst Silver Member

    It's amazing how variant the experience can be. I often don't bother to put the few liquids I have in a baggie as it would take ages to dig through my purse. Most of the times it works, but every now and then I'll get the agent who goes through it to pull out all of the liquids.
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  9. traveltoomuch

    traveltoomuch Silver Member

    Likewise. And in the last week, I've had two screeners pull my bag because Ieft the baggie inside. I don't think I've been that months.

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